How to Show a Movie Outside In a Few Steps?



If you are a fan of watching movies in your backyard, or outdoors altogether, you are certainly in a good place. We are going to present you with what you need to do in order to watch movies or tv shows outdoors.

Does a tv show marathon sound as good fun for you and your friends? Well, having it outdoors will multiply the fun, for sure. Now, in order to make this process as simple as possible for you, we will present you with a few steps that can help you achieve it.

Step #1: The Location

Most of the time, when somebody wants to show a movie outside, it will be located in their own backyard. If that is the case with you, the reader of our article, the first thing is that you need to ensure the power supply for all the devices that will make your outdoor movie night possible. You can choose between some wireless devices, or with old school cables. It is up to you.

Also, you need to be sure that you have enough amount of space. Most of the screens that you will come across in shops have the wideness of around eight foot. This is something that you need to pay attention to. Providing enough space for you and your guests is one of the most important things. This comfort comes first, doesn`t it?

Step #2: The Screen

After you provided space and power supply, you need to decide on which type of screen you are going to use. Here, you have two options. You can acquire a screen, or you can build one. Investing in a screen is not something that will require a large amount of money. Most of them come with a price of $100. You can choose from two types: standing/hanging or inflatable.

Building your own screen is not a hard task. On the internet, you can find many tutorials that can help you with this one. All you need to do is to acquire all the elements, which are needed for making a screen. However, maybe buying a new one is a better choice. You will spend almost the same amount of money, but you will not waste any time. This is entirely up to you.

Step #3: The Cover from Bad Weather

Naturally, when you are planning an outdoor movie night, you need to prepare yourself for potential bad weather. The best way you can do this is by getting a gazebo with netting and curtains. The reason is that this gazebo can protect you both from rain and wind, because of its roof and the curtains. As we said earlier in the article, comfort is a number one priority.

Step #4: Projector, Storage, and Additional Sound

You can`t show a movie on a screen without the projector, can you? You can do a little research on the internet on which projectors are the best for making outdoor cinema. Besides the projector and the screen, you need to decide on which storage you will use for playing a certain movie, live sport, or a video. You need to get the following devices:

  1. Computer or a Laptop.
  2. USB, flash drive, or a hard disk.
  3. iPhone or some other phone.
  4. Blu-ray player or a DVD player.

When it comes to additional sounds, the simplest speakers will do the trick. However, if you want a more complex stereo system, you can choose from many that can be found on the market. Probably the best choice is to take one of those Bluetooth rechargeable speakers.

Step #5: Connect Everything and Invite People

After you have covered all these steps, you need to set all the elements up and invite your guests over. We don`t have any doubt that they will have a good time watching a movie or some match outdoors, under outsunny gazebo, eating snacks. Wait for until sun goes down, that way you will have the best experience possible.

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