The Mystery About The Curse of Oak Island


TV Series

The History Channel is famous for its wide range of exciting programmes based on historical events.

One of their most popular TV shows is The Curse of Oak Island, which is about two brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, who are trying to find the historical treasures on island Oak. This island, based in Nova Scotia, is full of mysteries, dangers and valuable artifacts which the team is trying to detect using modern technology.

This show started airing in 2014, and the biggest question for years has been whether the island is cursed or not.

During one of the team’s excavations, in season five, a fabulous garnet brooch was found, which has a great historical significance. Also, in season 6, they found jewelry that had traces of both copper and gold.

The artifacts found include brooches, iron spikes, pottery fragments, pieces of human bone and a military cuff button. Discovering more areas of interest opens doors for a greater treasure. These excavations, besides being interesting, are also quite costly. It is contributed by Lagina brothers and a number of private investors, as well as the Canadian government. However, the Lagina brothers claim that they are funding the costs themselves.

The brothers say that their goal isn’t to make a fortune, but to uncover history, since the idea of the island being cursed inspired them to find the truth.

This show is entertaining mostly because of the idea of the curse. The curse claims that the treasure can be found only if seven people die. A recent investigation came to the conclusion that fourteen people died on this island since 1795.

Death on Oak Island

Seven of those people were there because of the treasure hunt. This might fulfill the legendary curse, and this will undoubtedly be explored in season six.

Future of the show


The Curse of Oak Island has six seasons for now, but there isn’t any information about the possible seventh season yet. Opinions of the critics are divided, but the fans certainly love it! They enjoy the drama, mystery, and buried treasures. You can watch new episodes of this show every Tuesday at 9/8 Central Time on the History Channel.

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