The Curse of Oak Island: The Most Insane Conspiracy Theories


TV Series

Even though there haven’t been any huge discoveries so far, The Curse of Oak Island, the active reality television series, continues on the History network. Marty and Rick Lagina and their team aren’t the first ones to search for treasure on the location. Neither they nor their well-prepared predecessors had any luck finding a treasure or historical artifacts in the Oak Island. Nevertheless, today we’re going to have a closer look at some of the most insane conspiracy theories which have appeared on the show so far.

Marie Antoinette’s Jewels

The Season 3, Episode “Phantoms of the Deep” showed us one of the craziest theories as the Lagina brothers claimed that Marie Antoinette’s jewels can be found in Oak Island. This is quite an insane theory and a very improbable one, too. In fact, Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louis XVI of France. She was very disliked in her country and when the French Revolution came, she and her husband were imprisoned. As for her collection of jewels, they were split up and no one knows where they’ve ended. There were rumours that Marie entrusted her jewels to a woman who was later seen in Nova Scotia.

Freemason Treasures

Due to the international connections and secretive nature, the hostility towards Freemasonry has remained over the years. So, when Marty and Rick Lagina discovered an old metal set square at Smith’s Cove, the theory of a secret Freemason vault immediately appeared. This crazy theory isn’t a huge surprise as Freemasonry is a very popular subject of conspiracy theories.

Knight Templar Treasures

Both, the Knights Templar and Oak Island have much in common, such as mystery, secrecy, and lore. It has been brought up in the show that Oak Island is not only the location of the Holy Grail but also of the Ark of the Covenant. Having in mind that Knight Templar treasures as popular as Freemasonry for conspiracy theories, this idea is simply insane.

Pirate Loot

This is probably one of the most insane theories which have appeared in the show. They claim that pirate loot is being buried on Oak Island. However, there hasn’t been any evidence or discoveries of buried pirate treasure so far and there is no reason to believe that something like that exists on Oak Island.

William Shakespeare’s Lost Manuscripts

William Shakespeare has been a subject of speculation and theories for many years so far. There are no actual manuscripts of his writing and thus, there is no evidence that he wrote his plays. So, The Curse of Oak Island mentioned the possibility of finding his manuscripts on the island. There is no reason why the team would suggest something like that and so we considered it to be just a crazy theory.

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