The Curse of Oak Island: 13 Things You Never Knew


TV Series

The Curse of Oak Island follows Rick and Marty Lagina in their quest to find the hidden treasure. They have been following clues, but so far they still haven’t found the pot of gold. The show has been popular for years, but its popularity was dimmed because of the slow pace. However, we wish to present 13 things you never knew about the series.

The Money Pit legend is a myth

Two teens from Nova Scotia came to Oak Island in 1795, and they dug down to a depth of 30 feet, hoping to find the buried treasure. However, the depression didn’t spit out the treasure and, most likely, there was nothing there in the first place. Or if there was, the owners took it just in time.

Niven’s work on the show is unconventional

Usually, archaeologists dig slowly, not to damage props that could potentially be found underground. However, here, the place has been disturbed by other treasure hunters, and that is why the Lagina brothers use heavy machinery.

Money is a forbidden topic

In one interview, the brothers were asked where all the money for the excavations was coming from, and Rick made it clear that they didn’t want to talk about it. Marty said that he and Rick are financing everything.

They wanted to dig up the whole island

In order to find whether there was a treasure or not, Rick and Marty wanted to dig up the entire island. However, that couldn’t have been done for numerous reasons. First of all, it is too expensive. Moreover, there is the environmental issue – they would cause too much damage to the island.

The challenge or the money?

The brothers have different views. For Rick, it is more about solving the mystery and answering questions. Sure, the treasure would be most welcome, but that is not his top priority. Marty, on the other hand, sees the closure only when the treasure is found.

The Laginas spend a lot of time on the island

Even when they are not actively looking, the two of them spend time on the island. Rick is more often there since he is retired, but Marty is still running a business, and he cannot spend as much time as Rick. Often, their families join them.

Many people doubt them

Even though they have many friends, some of them and the members of their families doubt them and do not believe in the stories and the treasure. However, they do come to the island to visit Rick and Marty, but they don’t believe in the mysteries surrounding Oak Island.

Matt’s death is a mystery

According to the sources, when Matt died, he was on his knees, as if he was praying for his life. However, Matt was never a religious man, and everybody wonders what happened at the time of his death. His is the seventh victim of the island.

Matt triggered the Curse to become the seventh victim

There are speculations that Matt found out a large secret which led to his death. Of course, there is no proof, but before he passed away, he was going to look for an ancient Map of the Island which was believed to be created by Masons. This finding would be important.

Matt Chisolm had privileged information

Matt has learned about the secret Masonic Shrine which has been hidden from the great-granddaughter of a Top Masonic Grand Master in Nova Scotia. She told him everything he should know about the secret room where the map was, plus he learned how the map looked like.

The memory of Matt is not honored on the show

You would expect from the producers and Marty and Rick as well to separate a few minutes, to honor Matt. However, nothing was done, and a lot of people were dissatisfied with that. We are not sure why they didn’t at least send condolences to the family.

Producers are stoic about their secrets

The producers may know as much about the island as any of us. They have been silent for a while, and where this silence is coming from we cannot tell. Is it the actual curse? The fear of low ratings? The journalists who tried to talk to them got not a single piece of information.

Oak Island is important

Whether there is a treasure or not, Oak Island is quite important. The findings thus far have revealed that the island has been a part of history and it will always have a special place there. The best possible scenario is to find the treasure, but that remains to be seen.

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