Top Five Movies That Are Better Than Books


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Millions of worthy films were born from the heads of screenwriters. Millions of worthy films were made based on books. And in this case, the book is obviously considered to be the original, which is better than the film adaptation. But all rules have exceptions. Below is a list of such cases.

The note! All of the following is a subjective opinion. If you have not watched any of these films, do it online or select a new DVD player by visiting And of course, read each of the books to form your vision. 

The Lord of the Rings

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Let the army of fans of this really great saga forgive us, but the film turned out to be dynamic and deep, and the book was long and overloaded with unnecessary information. It is real to imagine the whole path of the heroes of each of the books only after you watch the movies, but not the other way round, unfortunately.

The Great Gatsby

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In fact, it is possible to experience the tragedy of Gatsby only by reading a book, watching a film and understanding the economic and social realities of that time. Unfortunately, the book alone does not give this opportunity in general. Book images lack depth, for some reason they are superficial, probably only Nick realizes the whole depth of events taking place in the book. But all the characters in the film are really deep in their aspirations, dreams, and values.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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In handwritten form, this story is very short. And the reader simply does not have time to live the life of the hero, since everything ends too quickly. The film makes it possible to feel every emotion, encourages you to think about the value of time, and about the usual course of things on the planet. The film is definitely deeper than the book.

Fifty Shades of Grey

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Now, many fans of the story of the rich prince with not quite ordinary inclinations will be horrified, however…In general, the audience of this work is divided into two camps – crazy fans, and categorical opponents. We will not classify ourselves in either category, because the situation turned out so that a pretty good film became a complete contrast of the repulsive book.

The author’s style is limited and miserable. The book is replete with vulgar details that become more disgusting even when it comes to adequate things. And the Anastacia’s inner goddess provokes the desire to go out to breathe fresh air.

At the same time, the film turned out to be quite pleasant, and all the erotic moments were shot beautifully enough, without any hint of vulgarity and perversion. The author of the book should learn from the filmmakers, definitely. 

The Notebook

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Like everything Sparks wrote, this book is too romantic. The target audience is 12+ girls. The film is more real. The film causes tears, but the book does not. The heroes of the film are alive, and the heroes of the book suffer endlessly, and it seems they themselves do not understand the reason for it.

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