The Top 10 Best Action Movies for Movie Lovers


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The best action movies with daring scenes and compelling storylines will bring audiences intense yet riveting moments.

Action movies are an indispensable spiritual dish for many viewers. The content has many beautiful action scenes. There is content closely related to the genre of horror, adventure, science. You can find the best action movies at Enjoying the weekend with action movies is a wonderful thing.

1. Mission Impossible

This is one of the blockbuster action movies of 2018, highly appreciated by Hollywood professionals. The movie revolves around Ethan, the main character, and his missions. The huge sales of this film for the producer are also very impressive, around 501.4 million dollars.

An interesting feature of the movie is that the clever flip side-effects make it difficult for the audience to guess the result, as well as who the good people or who the bad guys are throughout the film.

Mile 22

This is a film by famous director Peter Berg, with Mark Wahlberg starred as the main character.

The film revolves around the Ground Branch agents, who perform difficult and dangerous tasks that no one dared to accept. The main climax throughout the film was the emergency “transport” of foreign intelligence from the US embassy in Southeast Asia to an airport to the US 22 miles away.

The film is packed with thrilling action scenes, many dramatic moments that made the audience on edge of their seats. Another interesting highlight of this movie is the appearance of a famous Korean rapper-singer CL (Lee Chae Lyn).

Immediately after its premiere, the film quickly grossed more than 60 million dollars in a short time.

The Commuter

This is worthy of the best action film of 2018. With the participation of famous actor Liam Neeson, the film has become a box-office hit back there. The film’s turnover earned the producer 100 million dollars, an impressive figure.

The plot of the Mysterious Passenger revolves around a formerly retired police officer who found himself in a tight financial situation at the age of 60 so he participated in a game with a deposit of up to $25,000. The plot is nothing new, but the film has a compelling and thrilling vibe, unique action scenes and riveting details that make the film highly appreciated by the audience.

Red Sparrow

It is the best action movie about the life of modern-day spies. It tells the story of a girl named Dominika Egorova (played by Jennifer Lawrence). She is a famous ballet dancer but due to injury during a performance, her career was dashed.

Her uncle, a spy, forced her to attend Sparrow School, one of the famous Russian spy training schools of the time.

The background scenes of the movie are very beautiful. Some of the plus points of this movie are the meticulously filmed scenes, beautiful and perfect costumes. The revenue earned for the manufacturer is also an impressive figure of 150 million USD.

Creed II

This is a boxing action movie depicting the battle between the two sons of the legendary boxing names Donnie Creed (Michael B. Jordan) and the spouse of Ivan Drago.

Rocky is Donnie’s father who used all of his experience to give his son advice to help him triumph over his opponent. Besides Drago – Father of the opponent who lost everything after losing to Rocky in a tournament. He devoted all his enthusiasm and life to foster his son to regain his honour and glory.

The film has many intense fights and engaging details. The revenue earned is also an impressive figure of 137 million USD.


This is an action film blended with horror and a lot of graphic violence, the plot  revolves around the Redman (Nicolas Cage) who lives  in a remote rural area as a normal labourer. His wife is Mandy (Andrea Riseborough).

Both have a fairly gentle and peaceful life in a house surrounded by nature. However, the husband wanted to move because he felt unsafe, but before he moved, his wife was abducted by a group of strangers and burned alive. Red is then heartbroken and decides to go out on a hunt for those who killed his wife.


The film tells the story of a revered Roman general seeking revenge for his family. The only way he could accomplish that task was to gain the trust and affection of the Roman people.

Gladiator is an emotional action film. It is well balanced between the drama and the fighting skills of this general. Many beautiful, dramatic action scenes attract viewers.

Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix are the two main actors of the film who have brought the true feelings for many viewers. This is a good action film that turned into a cinematic success when it was released.

The Return of the King

One of the best-selling books of all time is named: The Lord of the Rings was adapted into a film and has attracted all audiences. This film has a balance between  stunning scenes filled with imagination and action scenes. If you have not seen this movie, you are not an official fan of action movies.

Apocalypto (2006)

Apocalypto is a film written and directed by Mel Gibson, released in 2006. The film is set in the early 16th century in Yucatan, Mexico at the time when the Maya empire was gradually collapsing. Apocalypto tells of a tribe of Mesoamerica who must flee after being captured by the Aztec tribe and prepare to sacrifice. The majority of the actors are Mayans or their descendants. All dialogues in the film speak in the Mayan language, but with transcriptions.

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

The Bourne Ultimatum is produced by Paul Greengrass based on the novel of the same name by Robert Ludlum. The Bourne Ultimatum produced and released by Universal Pictures on August 3, 2007 and became the highest-grossing film in August in the United States and the highest-grossing film of the United States. Matt Damon’s highest gross when he took on the leading role in the film.


If you are addicted to action movies, do not hesitate to check out these movies. I am sure you will have moments of satisfaction with them. I hope you have fun watching movies and relaxing.

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