Top Hollywood Movies of 2018


2018Movie Reviews 

The movie industry is influenced by new technologies. That is why we can see adventurous stuff on big screens these days. So many wonderful movies have been released this year, and they got amazing reviews from viewers as well.

In the busy work schedules, we rarely find time to watch all the movies. But if we find some good stuff for weekend entertainment, it is always a great idea. If you are also in a mood to watch some excellent movies this weekend, first, it is good to check reviews online. The list of top Hollywood movies released in the year 2018 is quite long; you may find it difficult to choose the best one to get started. We advise you to buy twitter votes online to make an informed decision. At least, it will help you to ensure full entertainment without spending time on messy stuff.

Hollywood is loaded with several wild, romantic and horror movies; you can initiate a search for the best one as per your taste and preferences. Moreover, the decision also depends on the movie partner. If you are moving out to watch it with your crazy friends, some action, adventure and horror will be an amazing choice. However, if you are heading towards the theatre with your girlfriend, some romantic collection will suit your precious hours. Some votes on twitter can help you make a better selection out of the long list available online.

Here we have highlighted a few essential details about top-rated Hollywood movies that created a miracle on screen in the year 2018. Get ready to go through the reviews and highlights to make a better decision:



The perfectly filmed Damsel movie is rated to have an amazing mixture of humour, and unexpected twists. Note that, this movie is not for impatient viewers, but if you are a fun loving person, this is a great choice to enjoy with friends. The story revolves around an affluent pioneer who made several efforts in the whole movie to marry the love of his life. This movie is directed by Nathan Zellner and David Zellner.


Those who are in love with mystery-oriented movies are advised to find this movie online. It is all about a murder mystery, crime, and complex relationships. It is a story of truth, friendship, and emotions with lots of secrets hidden inside. This movie is directed by Aaron Katz (II), and you will find all your favourite stars such as Greta Lee, John Cho, Zoe Kravitz and Lola Kirke in this movie.

Mom and Dad:

Here is a dark, surprising and bloody comedy movie where all actors have given their peak performance to impress the audience. The whole story revolves around the parents who get affected by a strange disorder and get against their children causing several troubles so far. This amazing movie is directed by Brian Taylor and has gained great reviews from viewers.

The Escape:

The Escape is an emotional story of a couple who are running their life in lack of emotional attachment. It is all about how a tired and broken woman took a strong decision in her life and left everything behind to switch to a new life. This wonderful family drama is directed by Dominic Savage.

If you are already done with these four movies, it is better to take help from your friends online to get the best suggestions. You can run a poll on Twitter to get votes, but if some of you are thinking how to vote multiple times on twitter poll to ensure favorable decision, it is good to buy twitter poll votes online. You can contact professionals online to buy twitter votes, and soon you will be able to watch the best movie ever.

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