5 Actors who have battled hair loss



After seeing hundreds of beautiful celebrities deck the red carpet at the latest awards show, it’s hard to imagine any of them suffer from baldness. With their ridiculous amount of money and access to some of the most advanced medical services on the planet, you’d think they would be impervious to male pattern baldness. There are medical side-effects to baldness treatments that you can read about here. However, there are actually many male celebrities lighting up Hollywood who have suffered or are suffering from a thinning scalp or receding hairline. Let’s check out some of the most obvious (and less obvious) examples.

Jack Nicholson


Three-time Academy Award winner, Jack Nicholson, started to recede at a very early age. If you watch some of his earliest movies from the 1970s, like Chinatown and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you’ll notice that his hairline has already begun to recede. It became a core part of his acting prowess and helped accentuate his expressive eyebrows. Had he used Max3 shampoo many years ago, or another type of hair growth shampoo, the world-renowned actor may have had a chance of salvaging his precious locks.

John Travolta


Widely acclaimed for his performances in Grease, Pulp Fiction and Hairspray, John Travolta has been bald for quite a while. The actor used to have a beautiful mane, which had started to recede over the last few decades. For many public appearances, Travolta would wear a hair piece to cover up his receding hairline. However, in early 2019, the actor decided to go the big chop.

Hugh Laurie


Made famous across the world for his role as Dr. Gregory House (which ran for 8 seasons between 2004 and 2012), Hugh Laurie has started to recede. Laurie hasn’t bothered trying to cover up his receding crown, brandishing his scalp at many awards shows and events in the last 12 months. This is quite surprising since a lot of men tend to rush their hair loss treatments before it becomes noticeable. If you want a hair transplant or medication designed to improve your hair growth and regeneration, always speak to a doctor or expert before doing anything drastic. Take the Hugh Laurie approach and don’t panic.

Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig is proof that you can be the world’s most famous spy and be losing your hair. While the actor isn’t noticeably bald, there is evidence that the British star’s hairline has begun receding. Most of his hair has remained thick and healthy, however, Craig has been able to disguise his subtly receding hairline by keeping his hair neat and short. A small bit of wax and gel can deceptively add some volume to your hair, while also drawing attention away from more suspect areas of the hairline. An effective and reliable hair growth shampoo can also do the trick, helping you achieve that fuller look.

Jason Alexander


Well known for his role as George Constanza on arguably the biggest sitcom, Seinfeld, Jason Alexander has been bald or balding for most of his professional acting career. His baldness was often the brunt of jokes and humour in the show, however, the actor was hesitant to change his look because of the acting roles he was getting. Alexander did try using a hair piece for several years, however, it seems it didn’t last that long.


At the end of the day, it is quite clear that baldness is a condition that affects a lot of men, even the most accomplished male celebrities. If you are concerned about a receding hairline or feel as if your crown might be thinning slightly, do not panic! There are many available treatments to help regrow and thicken your hair!

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