Actors with Amazing Watch Collections



Who says that watches only serve for checking time? From the first moment when this tool was invented, it had a lot bigger purpose. People are willing to invest in watches because it helps them look more professional. Looking more professional helps you use many business and life opportunities. Besides that, many watch fans said that wearing a watch makes them feel more confident in society. So, checking if you are late somewhere definitely isn’t the reason why people love this product.

When you look at the actors and other world-wide celebrities, you will notice that they always wear a watch. The reason for that is probably one we already mentioned above.

Why shouldn’t you try out and see if the story about professionalism, confidence, and watches are true? There are thousands of attractive products out there. If you want to do a little research – visit here. Indeed, you may not start acting as they are, but being confident as famous actors is good for the beginning.

Still, some actors are famous as watch collectors. Let’s see who loves this product the most on the world-wide scene.

Actors with Amazing Watch Collections

There are probably a lot of them, but we will highlight those that people can quite often see on TV. They do not tend to hide their collection. Actually, they are quite proud of their watch collections.

Sylvester Stallone


Well, Rocky or Rambo is not just famous for wearing gloves and fighting against his opponents. In his real life, Sylvester Stallone is a huge fan of watches. More precisely, he is well-known as a big supporter of Panerai for a long period of time.

There are a couple of models that he usually wears in front of the camera. The first one is the Luminor Regatta 1950 Rattrapante. Besides that, he owns a Luminor PAM127, an Egiziano Limited edition, and Luminor Submersible Chrono. His connection with the Panerai brand is not the only one. Stallone is also a huge fan of Rolex. He possesses 2 watches of this brand – Day-Date and Submariner model.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is famous as a controversial person. Still, he is also a well-known watch collector that is ready to spend a fortune on this product. Believe it or not, the total worth of his collection is 4 million GBP. So, let’s start with the list.

The most expensive watch that he has is Patek Philippe’s model. More precisely, he owns a Ref.5970P together with a perpetual calendar in his collection. This watch is especially interesting to the public because it mysteriously disappeared. Believe it or not, the total price of this perpetual calendar is 100 000 GBP. However, that is Charlie Sheen and nothing can surprise us, right?

He also owns Patek Philippe with a moon phase display. Except that, there is also a Rolex Yacht-Master in platinum in his private collection. There are many others in his collection, but keep in mind that the entire amount of the collection is 4 million GBP. This list would be pretty long.

Orlando Bloom

Do you think that British people are not big fans of watches? Well, this British actor will convince you otherwise. Lord of the Rings actor is not only a fan of rings. He is also a big fan of expensive and attractive watches.

In the beginning, he owns innumerable Rolex vintage models. For instance, some of the models that he has are a Submariner, the GMT Master, anti-magnetic 1950 Milgauss, etc. These three watches cost 157 thousand GBP.

2009 was his year. In that year, he auctioned off two different models

  • Panerai Luminor PAM127, and
  • IWC Big Pilot Classic.

Brad Pitt


If you ask the female audience, a huge number of women would tell you that he is the biggest gentleman in the world. Well, do you think that a gentleman goes in front of the camera without a watch? It is simply not possible, isn’t it?

So, here are the models of watches that he has. For start, he places his faith in the luxury services of his Patek Philippe nautilus in a classic version with a dark blue dial. Besides that, you can often see him with Rolex Day-Date President. Currently, he picked the gold-strapped version. In his collection, you can also find a Daytona in steel with a white dial and a GMT.

Something that we need to mention is that Angelina Jolie also got one expensive watch. More precisely, he bought her as a present a Patek Philippe Ref.7500. This model comes with a minute repeater. This present cost him 277 thousand GBP. It is probably the most expensive present you have ever heard of.

Jennifer Aniston

Well, it is the right time to switch to female watch collectors. The media says that he probably hesitate too much in the morning hours because he has a huge number of watches. It is hard to decide which of them is perfect for the current day.

More precisely, this amazing actress is a big fan of Rolex. For example, she possesses Rolex Day-Date “President” in gold and 34mm Rolex Datejust in steel. However, that’s not it. She also owns Rolex Milgauss with a DLC coating in matte-black. It is hard to determine the value of her entire collection.

Ryan Gosling


We can’t end this list without mentioning this Canadian actor. It is easy to understand his taste – he is a huge fan of timekeepers. For instance, he owns a Jaeger-LeCoultre Vintage Memovox.

Besides that, when he played at movie Drive, he was wearing multiple replicas of Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196G in white gold. Still, when the movie production ended, Ryan wanted to hold this version for himself. It was some sort of keepsake to him (an expensive one, definitely). However, after that, he started to purchase a real Calatrava version and he remained a fan of this model until today.

So, what do you think? Do watches truly help you boost your confidence and look more serious and professional? Which model would you like to purchase the most? Share your thoughts with us!

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