The Famous Actors that are in Love with Vaping



It is not a new trend, that celebrities, famous modes and star actors are promoting a healthy lifestyle through social media. But what exactly happens with those who have quit smoking cigarettes for e-cigarettes?

Vaping has been around for some time and it seems like it is here to stay. Electronic cigarettes are a substitute to the regular cigarettes, providing the nicotine without the thousands of harmful substances found in the tobacco smoke. These e-cigarettes use so called “juices” that come many flavors and different nicotine percentage. On all sorts of flavors and vaping devices can be found.

For many, they have been the step that people have made before ceasing with smoking altogether. Of course, some people use vape pens with CBD oil which help deliver the CBD into the lungs, and through there – directly into the bloodstream. There are also THC “juices”, but one has to be careful with them, as depending on the state regulations for cannabis.

There are many celebrities who left behind the harmful habit of smoking and use electronic cigarettes, with many of them having been seen in public vaping. Recently, celebrities and numerous influencers, in their effort to raise awareness about cigarette’s effects on health, have been posting pictures from their last cigarette before shifting vaping. Many of them have been smokers for decades, and they have found vaping to be a practical alternative to smoking. Some of them are singers like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, while others are models like Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Moss. The list of names in endless, but in this article we are going to share a list of the famous actors who are in love with vaping.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio is the star of movies like Titanic, Django Unchained, Inception, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street. He is an avid vaper and has been seen vaping at restaurants, on set, and even at the table during the Screen Actors Guild awards and the US Open.

2. Johnny Depp

Reportedly, Depp has started vaping after filming the move The Tourist, where he is in a scene with Angelina Jolie and his character is sitting across of her with the electronic cigarette. That was in 2010, and since then, he has been seen with it on many occasions.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

The Avengers star has showed off his awesome Star Wars lightsaber inspired vaping device on his Instagram account quite a few times. He has taken selfies with it; it is golden, silver and black, and he definitely loves having big puffs and huge clouds around him. Honestly, we didn’t expect that his vaporizer would be any less cool than this.

4. Jack Nicolson

The most nominated male actor in the history of the Academy Awards has been known to be a smoker for many years, smoking a pack per day. Later, in the 1990s, he had switched to cigars, and eventually, to electronic cigarettes. Many times he has been photographed with his electronic cigarette in his mouth, even while signing autographs for his fans. He proves that it is never too late to change your lifestyle for the better.

5. Ben Affleck

The double Academy Award winner has often been spotted with a puff of vapor from his electronic cigarette around him. Since he has traded his smoking habit for some e-juice, the paparazzi have caught him vaping while driving around in his car and once, while he was getting a parking ticket.

6. Tom Hardy

The British actor that we know from the series Peaky Blinders, and movies like Mad Max and The Revenant is very passionate about vaping. He has been photographed on many events either holding his vape mod or carrying in the pockets of his vest. Well, it doesn’t get classer than that.

7. Norman Reedus

The star of popular drama series The Walking Dead has been seen showing off his vape pen. He has ditched his smoking habit after struggling with leaving it behind for many years.

8. Stephen Dorff

In 2013, Stephen had been diagnosed with lung disease called emphysema that was caused by his heavy smoking. He had been going through 2 packs of cigarettes per day, and even after the diagnosis had a hard time leaving them behind. However, since then, he had switched to vaping and even starred in commercials for the Blu-Cigs electronic cigarette brand.

9. Robert Pattinson

He has been famous for his role in Twilight, and now he will get to play Batman. He has been seen puffing on his electronic cigarette at different events, reportedly after getting advice from Leonardo DiCaprio that they are a better option than regular tobacco cigarettes.

10. Gary Oldman

Together with Jack Nickolson, the famous English actor proves that vaping is not only for the younger generations. He got the role of Winston Churchill when he met the director Joe Writed and the two men shared a vape. After suffering a nicotine poisoning while filming the movie Darkest Hour. Namely, he had smoked $20.000 worth of cigars while playing the role. After that, it was easy for him to quit smoking.

11. Charlie Sheen


Charlie has struggled with vices for a big part of his career, and cigarettes have not been an exception. However, he has kicked the habit and has been seen with an electronic cigarette in his mouth all around LA. Also, he has launched has his own vaping line called SHEENIUS. It is a TCH vaping juice made from cannabis.

12. Sean Penn

Another actor that is onboard the vape-train is Sean Penn. He is also a humanitarian and a political activist, and has been snapped enjoying an e-cig while taking part of the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

13. John Cusack

Cusack has been obsessed with electronic cigarettes and a large number of photos on the internet is here to prove that. The passionate vaper has been seen with many different devices, always surrounded with a large cloud of vape around him.

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