Best Disney Plus Films and Shows



Entertainment these days comes in many different forms, but watching movies and TV shows have always been and will be one of the best things that you can do in your free time.

Since there are way too many new shows and content, in general, coming out each year, it is sometimes pretty difficult to choose what you’re going to watch. Luckily, we have a few very interesting recommendations for you, so if you are currently out of ideas, or you’re simply curious to hear what we have to say, make sure to stay with us until the end.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at our top choices.

The Last Jedi

If you are a Star Wars fan, you just can’t miss this masterpiece. Some people don’t like it all that much, while others say that it’s the best Star Wars movie yet. We can’t say how you’re going to feel after watching it, but you should give it a try. We think that it’s a great movie, and you can enjoy it in amazing quality on Disney+ as well.

The Little Mermaid

If you are a parent, chances are that you’re constantly trying to find something to entertain your children. If you are all out of ideas, or you’re looking for top-quality content, The Little Mermaid is an absolute masterpiece that you have to watch even as a parent, especially together with your children. It’s an older title, it came out back in 1989, but it’s a total must-see.

We guarantee that your young ones will love it and remember it for a long time. Besides, you’ll like it as well, it’s a wonderful story.

The Rocketeer


This title is often confused with the sequel which was announced somewhere in the middle of 2016, but we’re not talking about that one, we’re here for the original cult classic that rocked the world back in 1991. If you haven’t seen The Rocketeer yet, the next time you’re looking to watch something, this should be on top of your priority list. We recommend that you don’t read anything about the title and just trust us on this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy

A newer title that was a huge hit in the cinemas across the entire globe. This is the type of movie that you can watch either alone or with your friends, or with your kids if you have any. It’s a science fiction movie that has a lot to offer both from the story aspect and the graphical elements. The visual effects in it are well-done, and it’s a wonderful journey that will keep you glued to your seat for about two hours.

Star Wars – New Hope

We already mentioned a Star Wars movie on this list, but that one was a lot newer than this recommendation. “A New Hope” came out back in 1977, and ever since then, it gained tons of attention becoming a part of the legendary Star Wars series.

Watching such an old movie in a year like 2022 might seem a bit weird, but even though the effects and acting are not like what you’re used to today, it’s still a film that you have to see no matter what kind of a person you are.

Thor: Ragnarok

If you are into superheroes that save the world pretty often, then you’ll love Thor, if you already don’t. The first two Thor movies weren’t exactly what people expected them to be, but Ragnarok is something that blew my mind when I first watched it. It is currently available on Disney+ so make sure that you watch it if you are into some sci-fi action mixed with drama and beautifully done visual effects.


Aladdin is a legendary cartoon that every child should see, but if you missed it when you were young, it’s not too late to redeem yourself and watch it along with your children. Even for an adult, the story is interesting enough to keep you busy and entertained at all times.

Skip any remakes or sequels in case you find some on the Internet, and choose the classic Aladdin animated film that came out back in 1992.

If all of these titles seem appealing to you, but you don’t know where to find them, feel free to click here and take a look.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Another legendary cartoon that was made many years ago and it still has the potential to entertain every child from the younger generations. The story of Snow White, the seven dwarfs and the evil which is something that will forever be remembered as a complete masterpiece.

It was made back in 1937 but it holds the top place as one of the best animated films ever made. If you haven’t seen it before, which is highly unlikely but still possible, make sure to watch it on Disney+.

The Avengers: Endgame

Now, this is a very tough title to explain to someone that isn’t really into watching movies that feature the legendary crew of Avengers, but even if you haven’t seen the previous movies, you should watch this one. It’s incredible, and it will leave you completely breath taken for the entire duration, especially at the end.

Beautifully done visual effects, amazing acting, story filled with many emotions and an epic battle that will most likely be the best one you’ve seen in movies so far. What else can we say besides watch this film?


The last title on our list will be the famous animated film featuring the legend of Hercules, the character that is a hero for every male child on this planet. Even if you are an older person, it’s still such a nostalgic feeling to watch this once more from the beginning. For something that was made so long ago, it still competes very well with most modern titles and cartoons.

If you have children, you should play this for them and you’ll have some free time while they are admiring the strength of the half-human half-god, Hercules.

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