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One of the best ways to escape reality for a while is to watch a movie, and luckily, today we have everything we need to access any title in just a matter of seconds. Netflix, Popcorn Time, HBO or any other streaming service is already considered as something that every person can afford nowadays, so accessing a film shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

Films exist for quite some time now, and since people tend to get very creative with the scenarios, you can find almost anything worth watching these days.

Every person prefers a different genre, and every genre has something different to offer, but we can’t cover them all in one article, so we’re going to focus on something specific instead. Today, we are talking about films dedicated to Jewish people, their culture and their world-famous traditions, so if you are currently interested in watching something like this, but you don’t know where to start, feel free to stick with us until the end. Let’s take a look.

One of Us

This documentary film came out back in 2017, made by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, and it has a lot to offer. It got the most fame at the International Film Festival which is hosted every year in Toronto, and you can now find it on many popular streaming services, such as Netflix.

The movie focuses on something that a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about, and some consider it to be a very sensitive subject. It’s about the dark side of the Orthodox Jewish life, and the entire plot is represented to you by three Jews who are given a very important role in the plot. If you want to watch something that uncovers some of the secrets of the religious lifestyle, you should consider this one.


This is a film made by Mick Jackson, and it came out back in 2016. You can find it on a lot of streaming websites and services such as Netflix and HBO, and it’s a film that a lot of critics had a positive comment for. We’re not going to reveal anything about the plot, but we’ll give you a bit of a tease with the information that it’s about the holocaust period, and it has a lot of interesting moments that you’ll enjoy watching.

Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit is a film that came out recently, on the 8th of September in 2019, and it’s a comedy-drama title that focuses a lot on the Jewish culture, explained through the eyes of a little girl who lives hiding in the closet of a “Nazi”. Johannes Betzler, also known as Jojo, is a wannabe Nazi soldier, living with his mother Rosie.

There are a lot of plots and unexpected moments in this one, but you should be finding it very enjoyable because everything is portrayed very comically, even though the main subject is Nazi Germany and that part of history that people are sensitive talking about.

It is said that in this film, some of the props used to display the Jewish culture are available for purchase, so if you are interested in grabbing any pendants, charms or similar stuff, feel free to visit here.

Son of Saul

This masterpiece of a movie came out in the cinemas back in 2015, and it is made by Laszlo Nemes, a Hungarian director who couldn’t have made a better display of the situation back in the holocaust period.

The way this movie was filmed is something that you probably haven’t seen before, with a very specific camera angle following the main actor at all times behind their back. It’s about a father who finds a dead boy in the holocaust chambers, and he realizes that it might be his son. In a tough situation like that, finding a rabbi to perform a proper Jewish burial is something that doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, but we’ll leave it up to you to find what happens in the story.

P.S Jerusalem

A movie by Danae Elon, made in 2015. It’s a documentary and it has a slightly political touch, but it is quite expected from a film like this one, so give it a chance even if you are not very into politics.

It’s about the director of the movie, Danae Elon, who moves back in her place of birth after many years of being absent, and she realizes that things are quite different than what she expected.

Zero Motivation

A film made by Talya Lavie, and it aired out in the cinemas back in 2015. It’s a comedy, but it has a very interesting touch that will intrigue even those who are not into watching comedies at all. It’s about a few ladies who are trying to find their purpose in the front lines of the army, except they are not in the front lines, but in the administrative office instead.

The ladies are facing a lot of issues in their journey, such as harassment from the main supervisor that’s keeping them under her look, and it’s a very funny experience that you’ll most likely enjoy watching.

Uncut Gems

Benny and Josh Safdie are responsible for this masterpiece that came out back in 2019, and this movie is something that you have to watch if you want a title that has a bit of a gambling touch sprinkled over it.

The famous Adam Sandler plays the main character, a person struggling with a gambling addiction, but he is also an owner of a jewelry shop. The name of the character is Howard Ratner, and you can watch this unforgettable experience on Netflix, and many other online streaming services.


The Jewish culture is one of the most appreciated ones in the entire world, and this is because every single one of their traditions is very heart-warming and appreciative. Jewish people have always been very interesting to portray in books and movies, and nowadays we can find a lot of films from popular directors that focus on their lifestyle and culture. If you are into learning some more about how they live and what they do, watching the films on this list is probably the best way to do it.

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