10 Ideas George Lucas Had For The New ‘Star Wars’ Movies


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We all know how the story goes. But do you know how George Lucas wanted the story to go? Lucas sold the movie rights to Disney, but before that, he had his own ideas for the new trilogy. He even wrote an early script, and he knew how the concept art for the future installments would look like.

Thanks to the people who had insights into his ideas and plans we now have some details of what the movies would have looked like, even if we’ll never have a chance to see them.

10. Luke would be a father


This may sound like a surprise, but this idea goes back to 1983. The idea of Luke Skywalker as a father came from Mark Hamill himself.

Hamill told that Lucas wanted the trilogy to focus on Darth Vader’s grandchildren, which meant Luke’s children too.

Lucas wasn’t happy about the movies when they came out. It was because they didn’t want to use his ideas. And the creator’s stories were something else, they were much deeper. He wanted the films to focus on family and problems within.

9. Darth Talon corrupts Sam Solo


Everyone loves an interesting villain. And there was going to be a new bad guy, or a bad girl, according to Lucas’s script. The inspiration for the new villain came from the Star Wars comic book. The new character would be a she, a red-skinned alien, named Darth Talon. She had an interesting task, to corrupt Han Solo’s son.

In the beginning, Sam, Solo’s son, wasn’t supposed to be on the dark side. He was going to be just like Han Solo, a charismatic young guy. He was even supposed to look like young Han Solo.

It is believed that Darth Talon was going to be a seductress. And her main quest would be to seduce Sam Solo and lure him into the dark side. Sam Solo didn’t get seduced by the evil forces, but maybe you feel like experiencing the dark side? Click here to let the ladies lead you into temptation and give in to your desires. You will not regret it.

8. A teenage hero named Kira


One of the first ideas Disney suggested was for the new heroes to be very young, in their teens.

Lucas had an idea about a young female Jedi named, Kira. Eventually, that character evolved into Disney’s Rey. Kira was pictured like a loner and scavenger, a real outsider.

7. Luke would be modeled on Colonel Kurtz


We all know what plot is behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and that story is similar to what original creator wanted to do. He wanted Kira to meet Luke Skywalker.

The thing that’s different in Lucas’s version is Luke. He wanted Skywalker to be much more darker. Phil Szostak, the author of The Art of The Last Jedi, confessed that Lucas wanted Luke to be more like Colonel Kurtz on Apocalypse Now.

In George Lucas’s version, Luke would also live in exile in the first Jedi temple. Even the scenery was the same, except in Lucas’s version finding Luke was easier. It was because, R2-D2 was fully functional and he had a map, that could bring you to every Jedi temple.

6. The Whills who control the Universe


Something the fans didn’t like and actually hated was the idea that the Force had an explanation. They didn’t want to hear about any biological or scientific explanation.

Lucas knew how the fans feel, but he didn’t mind it. He wanted to make a new trilogy where he would show the creatures that control the force, and it would be used to expand the story about midichlorians. He came up with a name for the beings who control the universe and feed of the Force, he called them Whills.

5. Felucia: The mushroom planet


Some of you maybe remember this from the Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, or from the TV show Clone Wars, a planet called Felucia.

Felucia as an alien planet, full of jungles with colorful and gigantic mushrooms and ferns. Lucas wanted this place to be a new major location in his future movies.

This planet would be interesting because those huge mushrooms can eat human beings and shoot toxic spores out. Another thing that’s interesting about this place, is its residents, the Felucians. They are people who are in constant tune with the Force and also live in peace with other species on the planet, like translucent aliens, tube worms, strange alien birds and bulky larvae that can be ridden like horses.

This really sounds like an interesting scenery for a movie, but unfortunately, for now, we are not going to see Felucia nor Felucians on screen.

4. Luke trains Leia in the ways of the Force


Earlier we mentioned Kira, a young girl who was going to be Luke’s trainee. But she wasn’t going to be his only Padawan. Lucas planed for Skywalker to train his sister, Leia.

Leia was going to be fully trained Jedi and have developed her Force sensibilities. And now, something shocking, Luke was supposed to die, and Leia would take his place as a Jedi knight.

3. Luke enters another plane of existence


George Lucas said that Luke is going to die, but what will happen to him is much more ethereal than just plain death.

Again Mark Hamill gave us a hint of what the creator of one of the biggest movie franchises was thinking. Lucas told Hamill that in Episode IX he would be like a cameo. He was going to be more than a Force ghost. Hamill said that Luke was going to be on “another plane of existence.”

2. Han Solo dies


Some of Lucas’s ideas stayed. One of them is Han Solo’s death. Harrison Ford said it was in the new trilogy from the very start.

Ford was very keen on the idea of Solo’s death. He thought that killing Han has a deeper meaning and that his demise would be great for the franchise. There’s a good chance Lucas wrote it to make Harrison happy.

1. An All-Wookiee spin-off film


Beside three trilogies that Lucas planned to make, he wanted to make a few more strange movies. While he was working on the Wookiees, an idea about a film just about them came to his mind.

So if George Lucas didn’t sell the rights, we would now watch a spin-off about hairy monsters and without any humans in it. We can say that in 1978, Lucas was not that into humans. Because, there are also stories about Lucas planning a project with robots, with no humans in it.

Since Lucas did sell the rights and he will never make the movies, we only have our imagination left and these information to dream about how these films would look like.

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