4 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All Time



Movies are the most popular and most common form of entertainment in the world. They have become especially important during this pandemic situation since most of us are still stuck at home. Fortunately, there are thousands of movies released every single year which means, we will always have new things to watch.

But, what is exactly a film? It is a visual art form that can represent almost anything these days. It can explain even the most impossible and complex stories. Considering just how advanced technology has become regarding movie development, we can easily recreate history with CGI or depict a certain imagination of the future.

However, to fully capture the idea of the film, there needs to be proper sound engineering in the background. Without a sound, we would have a much harder time understanding what is going on and how the story is developing. But, I am specifically talking about music or soundtracks. It might be one of the most important elements when finalizing the project.

To show you just how important soundtracks can be, here are some of the greatest ones in the history of the cinema.

Interstellar – No Time For Caution (2014)

Interstellar might be one of the best science fiction films ever created in the history of cinema. With the amazing directing by Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey’s acting and Anne Hathaway as a supporting actress is a combination out of this world. At its release, it made over $650 million which put it in the top 10 highest grass and films of 2014. The perception and reviews were all great because this visual masterpiece is truly something remarkable.

But, what made the visuals even better is the music composition made by Hans Zimmer. With 12 soundtracks constantly following the plot, you will feel like you are right there in the spaceship together with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. The soundtracks create so much immersion while constantly maintaining detention and keeping you unprepared for what is about to happen. This is the genius that makes this movie so amazing.

But, out of all of those 12 soundtracks, I believe that “No Time For Caution” takes the cake. The song follows a very tense and complicated situation for the main protagonist where he has to dock his ship onto the main starship. This entire scene lasts for just four minutes, but with the music, in the background, it feels like it lasts an eternity.

Goodfellas – What is Life (1990)

Goodfellas is commonly referred to as one of the greatest movies ever made and I personally agree with that statement. Released in 1990 and directed by Martin Scorsese it made such a huge impact on cinematography because of its good acting, production, and directing. The acting was especially regarded as perfect because it starred Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci. These three actors are one of the most popular ones in Hollywood which is one of the main reasons why Goodfellas was such a success.

But, this crime masterpiece was not just about Martin Scorsese’s directing or Robert De Niro’s acting. In fact, many people noticed just how amazing the soundtrack of this film really is. What is even more interesting about all of this is the fact that Scorsese was the one who directed the music too. Although, of course, various artists contributed to all of those 12 different songs.

“What is Life” is the soundtrack that left a huge impression on a lot of people in the 90s, including me too. It played during a very important scene of frantic driving, chasing, and guns. The pressure was constantly building up while “What is Life” is playing in the background.

Pulp Fiction – You Never Can Tell (1994)

Pulp Fiction is another legendary crime film that is considered to be very influential in the 20th and 21st centuries. Today, many people claim that Pulp Fiction is still their favorite movie because of its genius directing by Quentin Tarantino and the amazing skill of actors such as John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis and many more. The combination of the director, the producers, the story, and all of these actors and actresses is simply perfect.

However, the most interesting part about Pulp Fiction is the fact that it does not follow any kind of traditional movie soundtracks. Quentin Tarantino had an idea that this film requires rock ‘n’ roll, soul and surf music. The combination of these genres is what made the soundtracks so perfect.

Personally, I believe that “You Never Can Tell” is one of the best songs out of all soundtracks on Pulp Fiction. Uma Thurman and Chuck Berry together is a wonderful combination. This song became so popular in the 90s and the 2000’s, you can still find it even on online radios such as chilloutradio.com

Purple Rain – Purple Rain (1984)

Purple rain is a rock musical that was directed by Albert Magnoli and it is considered to be one of the greatest musical films in the history of cinematography. I think that many people would agree with this statement because the music in this movie is quite beautiful. The leading actor for Purple Rain is Prince himself who played the role of The Kid.

And of course, who else would create such an amazing album if not the one and only Prince. He made an entire studio album that would be both a soundtrack for Purple Rain and his own album too. During the movie, you can hear ridiculously good tracks such as “When Doves Cry”, “Baby I’m a Star”, “Darling Nikki”, “Jungle Love” and many, many more. Because there are so many tracks that are good, I couldn’t exactly pick which one, so I believe that the entire album is worthy to be on this list.

I think I could list hundreds or maybe even thousands of movies that have masterfully crafted soundtracks, but I believe that these four are especially remarkable and that everyone needs to know about them. Listen to the sounds, watch the movies and enjoy.

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