5 Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix Every Man Should See


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What’s the first thing that goes through your head when you think of an ideal afternoon? A day off, lots of comfort food, a favorite cosy sweater, a little bit of relaxing music, and eventually movie marathon or binge-watching – on Netflix, of course. This platform has experienced a real boom in recent years as more and more people are opting to subscribe to this service. Why? And why not – you don’t have to wait for hours or days to bump into a good movie on TV, or wait for a new episode of the series in a week, two, or three. You’re treated with a rich spectrum of the latest film creations, the most popular TV shows and the opportunity to always be among the first to watch them.

No matter how up-to-date and contemporary it may be, Netflix has its fans both among the younger generations and in the circles of older viewers. So, long story short – there’s something for everyone. Therefore, the best thing to dive into this new adventure is to give it a go. Making your own home cinema could make Netflix a true spectacle and there are many options to connect these two goods, therefore, you can feel free to check this for more advice.

Let’s just assume that you have just entered this vicious, magical circle and that you’re eager to find something for yourself as soon as possible. Although you’ll find many suggestions on the platform, you should still rely on the opinions of loyal users who always have amazing recommendations.

Of course, it doesn’t have to mean that the mass-watched series are the best. They’re the most-watched ones, but the variety of tastes and overall quality should be taken into account. Having this in mind, we did our best to present some of the best TV shows recorded by Netflix throughout the years to you. Some of them ended long ago, and some are still waiting for a few seasons and sequels more.  But one thing is for sure – it’s worth a look.

  1. Money Heist


We believe that there’s no single person who hasn’t at least heard of this show. Even if you haven’t watched it, you must have bumped into numerous reviews and comments from all over the world, especially on social networks.

There’s definitely a reason for this, as this series is convincingly considered one of the biggest sensations – not only in its spoken language, but all around the globe. Its real name is ‘La casa de papel’ (‘Paper house’), its first airing happened in 2017 and a total of four seasons has been filmed so far.

The story follows an unusual group of eight criminals and petty thieves, led by the ninth, the brains of the operation, so-called Professor, who decides to rob a printing press in Madrid. This building is also one of the most visited museums, so after a team of robbers storm into the museum in the wee hours of the day and find themselves locked inside with hostages, a real drama begins. This show will definitely go under your skin and stay there for a long time.

  1. You


For those who aren’t so much into action shows, but more fond of psychological thrillers and series that give insight into the secrets of the human mind, we warmly recommend ‘You’. The crew that left viewers with a bunch of questions after the first season has recently launched its sequel, and it’s rumored that the authors will delight the fans of the show by bringing the third season in 2021.

The very beginning of the first episode looks like a typical start of a cheesy rom-com: a cute girl walks into a bookstore where a charming guy named Joe works. It seems that Beck, the girl, really likes him, as she’s flirting with him, and Joe thinks of how to win her over.

And all that would be so sweet, naive, so teenage, and pretty boring… until the moment when we find out that the sweet guy isn’t really an angel… at all. Well, more something like an obsessive psychopath ready to do anything to win her – hacking, obsessive social networking, a thorough interpretation of every little thing she does, stealing her phone, spying on her…  and even committing murder. Or two. Or… well. A perfect thing for diving deeply into the mind of a sociopath. You’ll hate Joe, you’ll love him, you’ll feel pity for him, he’ll get on your nerves… But he won’t leave you indifferent.

  1. Stranger things

Some people state that ‘Stranger Things’ is Netflix’s ‘Game of Thrones’ – that’s how famous and popular it seems to be. It’s definitely among the most watched series and able to bring together all the generations and the most diverse profiles of people. The first episode was shown in 2016, and the show is still ongoing, as its cast’s preparing to treat us with the fourth season – but it’s yet to be announced when.

The series takes place in a small town in Indiana in 1983, home to four boys who do everything the kids would do at the time – they ride BMX, play games, read comics, and go to school. Life in a quiet place is turned upside down when Will, one of the boys, disappears without a trace. Parallel to his disappearance, a mysterious little girl, known only by her unusual name, Eleven, appears. Desperate to find Will, his friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas will do whatever they can to get closer to the resolution of this mystery.

The transitions across the genres from horror and adventure to fiction are imperceptible and it seems as if you’re watching a large, eight-part movie. Fantastic roles are also rather interesting, so don’t think this is some children’s show. If you’re attracted to the idea of an original series featuring the atmosphere of the legendary films of the 80s, you must see this.

  1. When they see us

Nothing hurts a television audience more than a revival of ungrateful historical events. At its core, the show ‘When They See Us’ takes place at a very close time – in 1989, on the other side of the world, where individuals fall out because of their arrogance, ideology and pride. In both cases, the culprit is the system, politics and human untangled stupidity.

This is the story of five boys, African-Americans, Muslims and Mexicans who were 14 to 16 years old in 1989. A young white woman, Trisha Miley, goes for a run one night. That same evening, she’s attacked, raped and left to die in Central Park. The aforementioned boys are charged with this crime unjustly, without evidence. The series follows the entire process of arrests, torture to which the children were subjected, trials, convictions, prison agonies and plot twists after which they were released 10 years later.

Thanks to the fantastic cast, script, directing and importance of this case, ‘When They See Us’ reminds us of the importance of humanity and civilization. Injustice costs the innocent, but justice isn’t always attainable, though it gives bitter satisfaction in the end.

  1. Our Planet


And in the end, we left one of the series to be taken very seriously, since it represents the state and reality of nature and the world in which we live. This documentary series, full of (often) heartbreaking scenes, shocks viewers with incredible nature stories where animals are often filmed in harsh environments and breathtaking situations.

‘Our Planet’ is there to introduce us to both sides of nature – one that’s negatively affected by humanity, weather conditions and other factors, but also lovely scenery, natural beauty and diverse animals.

You might not think that a series like this can be addictive, but believe it – once you start watching it, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen until you absorb each and every episode. There are no age or any other limits to follow the course of this show: all of us should have an insight into the state of Earth’s flora and fauna, as well as the many life forms that truly enrich our planet.

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