Things Most Movies get Wrong about Casinos and Gambling



No matter if you are watching some James Bond episode, or Ocean’s Eleven and the sequels, or even some romantic comedy that ends up with a Las Vegas wedding, the casinos always look shiny, glamorous, and places you may dream to be at. These movies are creating myths, and people sometimes are scared of the casinos and don’t even pass by the venues.

The productions are trying too hard to mimic reality, but if they don’t add glamour to it, these films won’t be that interesting. An average casino is shiny, but in general, people there are not always so classy, and in most cases, no one can win jackpots every week.

So, let’s see what’s different, and what Hollywood is trying to show us, making urban legends and misconceptions about gambling:

1. No heavy punishes for cheaters

Cheating is not allowed, but every player can use some personal tricks and patterns they believe work. You won’t see the “big guys” punishing the player with a few punches in the face, killing him, and disposing his body all around the town. But, the real-life casinos can ban some players, by not letting them play some particular games, or even entering the venue. Sometimes, you may end up with criminal charges, but the chances that the bosses will kill you are equal to zero.

2. Mafia doesn’t run the casinos

In the movies, the owners are always some shady people who are connected to the mafia. In many countries, these venues, or even Internet-based services as CasinoChan Online Casino are regulated by the local laws, and there are commissions and associations who are running the whole process. As you know, if you win, you have to pay a tax on that income, and mafia members won’t punch your face outside the casino to steal the money you won before.

3. Systems and strategies won’t bring you millions

There are so many popular and controversial systems and strategies, and movies may make you think that by counting the cards or following the Martingale system you will win thousands or even millions of dollars. But, the truth is that, if they somehow work, they will bring you some additional money to your bankroll. These methods maybe work on smaller amounts of money, but you may lose the count when the bets are higher, or some players decide to give up on that hand.

4. No one can transfer their bad luck to another player

In some films, we can see an employee named “cooler”, who is going from one table to another, so they can pass their bad luck to the people who win a lot of money, and stop the streaks. Some people believe that the player who is losing is the “cooler” hired by the casino, so they won’t win jackpots. But, if you think with a cooler head (no pun intended), you will realize that luck is something personal and can’t be passed from one person to another.

5. There is no such a thing as “no limit table”

When talking about casino-inspired films, we can say that in many scenes, the main character is winning or losing millions with one hand. The truth is that you can win or lose a few million just in movies, or with games that don’t bring you real prizes. Can you imagine having $10 million and betting on half of it? Of course not, because that’s possible only in the movies.

6. Someone is watching on you all the time

This is another thing Hollywood is doing wrong about gambling. Of course, there are surveillance cameras, but there are no blind spots, just as there is no camera above your spot. Also, there is always a chance for something not to work properly, or some player to accidentally be hidden by all the others there. But no one ever is watching on you all the time while you are there.

7. The rules are not the same as on TV

Everything looks simple on the TV or at the cinema. But, the rules are a lot more complicated than they seem, and you really need to understand the game and take it seriously, if you want to win something. In the games and films, people bet on high amounts and win even bigger. But, once you get in a real-life casino, you must get to know the house rules, and be respectful of them, so you won’t be banned.

8. Not everyone who cheats will be caught

Some people may cheat and still get away with it. Some houses have even a fair cheating policy too, so the players are allowed to bluff or use some tricks that may bring them a prize, but they shouldn’t overdo it. But, in general, you can consider the casino as a funhouse or a playground for adults. Some scams are too easy, tiny, and too naive to be seen, and even if the house catches them, they will let the player take the money.

9. A lot of people support you

Everyone is minding their business and no one will be around in a crowd that roots for you. In the films, we can see a huge group of people around the player, encouraging them to increase the bets every hand. But, that simply won’t happen in real and everyday life, even though it looks fantastic when seen on TV.

As you can see, we can blame Hollywood for all the myths and misconceptions we have about gambling. Probably the fascination with Las Vegas is doing its job, making the people believe that gambling is scary and glamorous at the same time. But, in the reality, it’s a place where the people who are addicted to easy money come to challenge their luck and see if they are able to invest $30 and win a few thousand instantly. And the truth is that they won’t, so don’t let the TV screens make you have wrong beliefs, no matter how beautiful and shiny all those things look there.

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