Things all movies get wrong about stoners and smoking weed



The sole purpose of cinematography is to entertain people and to arouse certain feelings in a person through a story that takes place in TV series, short films, and feature films. The film industry does not always adhere to the facts that have taken place, for example, in some historical periods. Directors, screenwriters, actors, and the whole group of people who work on creating TV series and movies tend to use stereotypes, change facts, information about the film, to create a masterpiece that will entertain viewers. Their goal is to provoke a reaction from fans of the film industry, whether it is laughter in comedies, sadness in dramas, and admiration in historical or action films so that their project has more viewership and be as spread as possible in the public.

One such topic, where some stereotypes are used excessively, is the use of marijuana and the presentation of stoners. Actors and directors use typical stoner stereotypes to make the audience laugh and make the film as interesting to watch as possible. But these representations have nothing in common, they have nothing to do with what is happening in reality. If you want to read more interesting facts about cannabis and the effects of cannabis, check this site.

For that purpose, we started writing this text to see what those differences are. What do marijuana users look like, and how are they portrayed in the film industry, that is, where was the mistake made?

So let’s get started

First of all, the first thing filmmakers exaggerate is how marijuana use works in humans. You have probably noticed in a series or movie where after the person smokes a joint, suddenly the person sees the world differently. Colorful background colors appear some strange creatures appear on the screen, their pet starts talking to them, any action that is happening at the moment is either like a fast shot or it slows down. However, all these effects are made only to make the audience laugh and have fun. In reality, CBD has no such effect in humans, such hallucinations and visual presentations do not exist. Hallucinations can only occur in that type of marijuana with a high concentration of THC, in magic mushrooms, or LSD.

The next thing TV and movie makers do wrong about stoners is how they present these people to the public. As in any movie, an ordinary stoner is presented as follows:

– After his high school days he has given up further education, a typical dropout

– Stoners are always male

– They are lazy, they never leave their room, and they often still live with their parents

– have no desire to find a job or somehow advance in their career

– are locked in their room all day, where they are sitting with friends in front of the TV playing PlayStation, Xbox, or playing computer games and smoking weed all-day

– They are messy, their room is in chaos and they look dirty

– And most importantly, they are presented as stupid, unintelligent people

In real life, people who consume cannabis for recreational purposes are the complete opposite of what is shown in the movies. If you met them on the street at first glance you would not think that they are stoners, because they do not look like that. These are people who are educated, work hard, have a career, and are completely fulfilled, people. They look clean and dress normally, in conversation with them you will notice that they are quite smart people, they are not stupid at all, and you could talk to them on many topics.

The next stereotypical thing you will encounter in movies is that cannabis users live only on junk food. Surely in a TV series you have noticed what this person’s room looks like, it is full of fast food containers, sweets and chocolates are everywhere, they only drink beer or soda which is full of sugars, chips and salty snacks are always present and so on. Yes, consuming CBD can indeed increase your appetite, but that does not mean that it will make you addicted to unhealthy foods. In reality, stoners eat healthier even than people who do not smoke weed. You will not notice packages of fast food or unhealthy snacks in their home.

Another lie of the film industry and one of the bigger ones is that it is enough to just plant the seed in a pot, to forget about it, and for a while, it will sprout and you will only be able to pick the product from that plant and voila you grew up marijuana at home. This is absurd because to have a quality product you need excellent technology, excellent conditions such as temperature, humidity, light to be able to get a quality product. So do not try this at home, do not grow cannabis yourself, one of the reasons is because it is illegal and another reason is that you do not know about this topic.

And last but not least, marijuana is not addictive. You may not be in the group of addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but once you smoke a joint you will like the effects that follow and you will want to experience that feeling again. Marijuana can be addictive, which will not be harmful to your health. It is even recommended for medical use in people who have anxiety or to alleviate the discomfort of people with cancer and the like.

Cannabis is used as a means of calming the nervous system, slowing down brain function, relaxing if we suffer from anxiety. Each of us needs some means that will relax us from the tense daily life and for a moment make us forget about the problems. If we use this drug for recreational purposes, we should do so in moderation and not overdo it. If you have not consumed it before, you should do an experiment to see what effect it will have on you and that it will not be as we have seen in the movies, the world around us will not change in all possible colors and will not you see dragons or monsters.

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