5 Most Memorable Gambling Movie Characters Of All Time



Nowadays, movies with the theme of gambling are quite popular. Why is it like that? The answer is pretty simple. Gambling is very exciting and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Activities such as sports betting and gambling are on the rise – and more and more people are choosing to try their luck. What inspires them to do that? One of the reasons is definitely the movies that are on our list. We will present to you some of the great movies with this theme that have ever been made. Of course, there are a lot of great movies that failed to make it on this list – and they are certainly worth watching. We will also introduce you to the most interesting characters of all time who have been remembered for their gambling film careers.

Gambling As A Movie Theme But Also Real Life


Modern technology occupies our daily lives with new device models. Today we have smartphones, smart TVs, and various applications and sites – that have simply become our reality and a daily dose of interest. Therefore, gambling has become something that has occupied so many people – not only male but also female. We are not only talking about going to casinos and sports bets – but also about using casino services online. Has the film industry influenced gambling to get under our skin in real life as well? Certainly, it is to some extent – and probably the actors themselves with the convincing acting that they showed in such movies. Sometimes we wonder if we are trying to transfer the characters we are watching from the big screen to the real world – and try to copy them when it comes to betting and gambling? We believe that you have tried some of the tricks or ideas from the movies – and only you know if you succeeded.

Do Gambling Movies Affect Us And How?


The phenomenon of gambling has been very interesting to filmmakers. It often happened that after watching movies in which the main characters won grandiose and big money – the casinos were full, and such movie-lovers became regular users of casino services. We saw a similar kind of excitement and adrenaline during the 70s of the last century, with the appearance of Bruce Lee – when spectators and fans rushed to engage in martial arts. However, we will not deal with it now. Gambling is essentially a great passion – and movies on this subject only increase a person’s desire to copy the main characters.

Jackpot “Fatal Attraction”


The most tempting thing when it comes to gambling is the prizes. Numerous casinos have made sure to entice us to play – offering us attractive prizes that we simply cannot resist. Today, there are many casinos and online casinos that provide their customers with a large number of games and slot machines. Specialized websites such as the casino.zone attract a huge number of users online with attractive jackpots. More and more people are trying to make money this way, so casinos have become almost like supermarkets – and are springing up at every turn. An additional advantage for fans is online betting and gambling – so we can try our luck over the Internet from home, from the park, from work, etc. The fact that watching a good movie inspires us to try our luck certainly contributes to this to some extent.

Memorable Gambling Movies And Characters

There is a large and not at all simple selection of films that we would recommend to you – and it is especially difficult to single out the characters that are the most interesting. Still, we’ve made sure our list makes sense – and you’ll be happy to watch some of these movies (if you haven’t already).

1. Rounders (1998)

This film and the excellent role of Matt Damon and his perfect acting –  is one of the strongest films on the subject of gambling. In this movie, Matt Damon brought to us a very striking and interesting character. The story in the movie Rounders revolves around a brilliant law student Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon. He and his friend enter the underground world of gambling. This is where his real passion actually shows up – playing poker. This movie abounds with scenes in which Matt Damon masterfully played psychologically tense scenes – in situations when his character loses money, but also when he wins.

2. Color Of Money (1986)

This is a perfect classic with phenomenal actors. The Color of Money is not a classic film about gambling and games of chance. This movie is about billiards – where it’s more about playing skill, and not so much about luck. Martin Scorsese’s excellent film about billiards players is a sequel to The Hustler, 1961 – and deals with the psychological games of tug-of-war. The old experienced Eddie played by Paul Newman gets an eye on a talented billiard player Vincent – whose character is played by Tom Cruise. It gives him pleasure together with his girlfriend to get naive guys into his game and thus make money. Eddy takes them under his wing – and shows them ways to make a lot more money than they thought possible. The goal is a billiards championship. Although this is an old classic – it’s worth watching because of the colorful characters that Tom Cruise and Paul Newman brought to the big screen in tandem.

3. The Gambler (2014)

This movie tells us the story of a university professor – who developed an addiction to gambling in a casino. This is actually a remake of an old 1974 movie. The old, cult achievement got its new outfit on the big screen with the excellent Mark Wahlberg. This film is considered a cult movie on the subject of gambling. The main actor is a professor of literature who is also a pathological gambler. Very soon he finds himself in big debts – and under the pressure of those from whom he took the same money. Despite all the stressful situations, he fails to stop gambling – and makes his life even more difficult. The original film won a prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival – with the message that it is very difficult to make viewers sympathize with a character who robs his own mother so that he can gamble. You can also watch the original – but don’t miss Mark Wahlberg in this newer version. You will be delighted by his change – from a street fighter to a pathological gambler.

4. 21 (2008)

This is a movie based on extraordinary true events. – We can say it’s a gambling classic. This is a story about the math teacher masterly performed by Kevin Spacey. He trained a group of his students teaching them how to count cards. What follows is an exciting plot made of fraud and adrenaline hedonism – which would not be convincing if such events didn’t really happen. Anyone who has ever had an interest in playing and counting cards – will most certainly enjoy the movie. Kevin Spacey is the embodiment of the mind – that tries to elevate his cover of dissatisfaction in teaching others how to do it. The perfect film that will show you how you can mentally strengthen.

5. Croupier (1998)

This is a 1998 film, starring the excellent Clive Owen and Nick Riding. The film story is told by the main actor, an unsuccessful writer, who is employed as a croupier – and differs significantly from other movies on this topic. This is the story of the croupier’s fight with the players – and how to achieve the goal and success. The British film perfectly depicts the dark side of gambling – as well as the power of casinos. It is especially significant because it shows the dark side of casinos – and nonsense of gambling again and again. A perfect depiction of a man’s struggle, the power of casinos, and a great desire for success.

The Bottom Line

We hope that the choice of films and characters in them can attract your attention. Gambling is a passion – which is sometimes better watched through a movie. Take a look at these classics and enjoy – and maybe learn something.

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