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Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Good Gamblers

Sebastian Mertonby:

Celebrities are known for their expensive habits like visiting luxurious resorts, exotic places, driving expensive vehicles, living in amazing houses, and more. Also, it is not …


Are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon the Hollywood’s Most Famous Gamblers

Sebastian Mertonby:

Celebrities from the film industry are role models to many people. However, when you look closer, they are not too different compared to the rest of …


How Hard is to Compose Music for Film and TV

Peter Jacksonby:

I think that many people do not notice the importance of music and proper sounds in movies, TV series and basically everything you can find on …


7 Major Differences Between Bollywood and Hollywood Movies

Peter Jacksonby:

When it comes to movie making, none do it better than Hollywood and Bollywood. But, as you might have noticed, both industry giants have different methods …


Why Some Actors Are Hiring A Life Coach

Sebastian Mertonby:

The life of an actor is not easy. When you think of all the things they must manage on a day to day basis, is there …

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Golden Age Movie Stars of Hollywood

Sebastian Mertonby:

Throughout the years, we were able to see a large number of celebrities that managed to conquer Hollywood and the entire world. As it goes with …

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Four Famous Animals in TV shows and Movies!

Sebastian Mertonby:

Most of the people really enjoy animals. The vast majority of them think that it’s really cute when an animal gets a big role in a …