How Hard is to Compose Music for Film and TV



I think that many people do not notice the importance of music and proper sounds in movies, TV series and basically everything you can find on TV. Without the right audio backing up action on the screen, the content feels empty and unsatisfying. You would not get that same level of satisfaction when watching Arnold Schwarzenegger walking down the hallway as The Terminator with the trademark song of the Terminator. That is why Hollywood and every other music or TV industry is looking for all kinds of composers. But, can everyone compose music for film and TV? How hard is it?

It seemed like many composers are afraid to go down this path because they believe it is too hard and that it requires too many skills or a good college degree. But, I believe that is far from the truth because there are not enough people of this type. Hollywood needs professionals and there are not many of them.

So, if you are talented and if you know how to create the perfect sound to connect with the image, maybe you should consider going that path. It can be demanding at times, but the pay is definitely good and you will not be tied up to a certain schedule. You will have freedom for both your time and your creativity. Although, that all depends on where you are going to get your job.

Learn the sounds of TV

Composing music for movies is not necessarily difficult, but it might be very different than what you are used to. There are some important moments in the sounds that you have to discover and remember if you want to become successful with this type of career. Directors and producers are looking for that certain type of sound. If you do not learn it if you do not have it in you, you will not get hired.

So, what is the best way of learning those sounds that the movie industry is looking for? Well, the answer is quite simple. All you have to do is just start watching some TV. Dedicate some of your free time and try watching TV series, films, and experiment with different genres. Obviously, while watching, make sure you focus on the music in the background.

Notice the notes that are mostly used. Notice which instruments are the lead in the music. Once you discover this information, you will have the knowledge to compose the right music for movies by yourself.

Of course, you will not obtain that information just by sitting a few hours in front of your TV. You will probably have to invest a little bit more than that.

Once you feel like you have obtained that sound of TV, you could easily find a job. Make sure you keep watching films and TV series to upgrade your skills.

Start experimenting

While some people in the movie industry are looking for more generic music, there are also some that are looking for something completely genuine. Bigger directors are always looking for something authentic. However, you should also be careful not to deviate too much from that sound of TV. You should stay on that path but experiment with your own creativity too. Add your unique style to the music that you are composing.

Never stop experimenting. Because with these experiments, you can create something that is special and something that will the attention of important people.

Grab a college degree

Most people in the music industry will say that a college degree is not that important. It might be true, but if you are chasing a career path in the movie industry, edurefm believe that it will be of huge help. It will make it much easier for employers in Hollywood to consider you as an option.

Get recognized

As I said previously, composing music for film and TV is not necessarily hard. The hard part of this career is getting recognized.

Hollywood alone is a huge industry that is worth trillions of dollars. But, do not forget about the other part of the movie industry. It is not just Hollywood. What I am trying to say is that the industry is huge and that it can be difficult to get recognized. Obviously, you are aiming to get recognized by the right people. You are trying to hunt for a job that will pay well with good hours. Usually, those kinds of jobs come from Hollywood.

So, what can you exactly do to get recognized by those people? Well, I did mention that experimenting is important. Because those experiments that you create can be used to pull in the attention of the right people. Start sharing your creations on different online platforms and all kinds of other websites. After that, there is a good chance that someone will share your compositions.

You will need the right gear

Another very difficult problem with this career path is the equipment. I assume that you already have a good idea of just how expensive audio gear can get. You need a digital audio workstation where you will be doing most of your recording, mixing, MIDI, and editing. This piece of equipment alone can cost you thousands of dollars. Of course, there are always cheaper and more affordable options, but if you want to be serious in this industry, you will need that expensive gear.

Although, as a beginner, I recommend going with DAW software instead of hardware. The right DAW software can sometimes be just as good as hardware equipment. Although, using it is not as intuitive. Obviously, you also need a computer, some nice studio monitors and headphones, a high-quality microphone and an audio interface.

These are some of the more essential stuff. I could go on with hundreds of different items that you are going to need in the future, those are not so important right now.

Before you start making those expensive purchases, make sure to first find out whether you really need them. Only then you will know whether the investment is worth it or not.

As you can see, starting out as a composer for movies and TV can seem like a daunting challenge, but it is possible and it is not as difficult as it seems.

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