Are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon the Hollywood’s Most Famous Gamblers



Celebrities from the film industry are role models to many people. However, when you look closer, they are not too different compared to the rest of the world. Indeed, they have some talents that allowed them to make successful careers. However, their lifestyle has almost identical characteristics as anyone else. 

That especially counts when we talk about the way how they spend their free time. Of course, they can afford to go to some more expensive destinations. However, many of them would also decide to gamble. Gambling is one of the most popular activities for a while. Yet, advanced technology made gambling more available to everyone. That is the reason why the online world offers many gambling sites. Nostrabet reported that not all online casinos offer the same services. Some of them offer better bonuses, discounts, and other essential factors of gambling. If you can’t afford to go to some of the most popular casinos where celebrities usually spend their time, gambling sites are a great alternative. 

Anyway, as we said, Hollywood is a place full of individuals that are famous gamblers. In most cases, people will start talking about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. However, are they the most popular ones? It is hard to give a precise answer to that question. That is the reason why we would like to analyze their gambling careers a bit more. Despite that, it would also be good to mention some of the Hollywood celebrities that are also passionate about gambling. Let’s find out their names as well. 

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is probably the most entertaining person on the list. In 2014, he was banned from the blackjack table. That happened in Had Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. We know that many gamblers would like to get the opportunity to test their skills in that casino. Anyway, the casinos claimed Ben Affleck was counting cards. However, he neglected that and insisted that he was a professional blackjack player. 

People can get a valuable lesson from Ben Affleck. In most cases, gamblers play different types of gambling games. However, that is not the case with Ben. He only played blackjack, and other games were irrelevant to him. 

Matt Damon

People have probably heard about two movies where Matt Damon was acting as a proficient gambler. Those two movies are Oceans 11 franchise and Rounders. Thanks to these two movies, Matt Damon managed to learn some card skills. However, his interest in playing poker continued many years after that. 

His favorite game is poker. People can often find him in some stake rooms at some of the most popular casinos in the world. However, spending too much money is not his style of playing. Many casino owners that met him describe him as an understated and polite person. That is not something we can say for most Hollywood celebrities. 

Charlie Sheen

It is hard to determine who is the most popular person on this list. However, Charlie Sheen surely is one of the most popular gamblers from Hollywood. Yet, he rarely talks about his gambling passion. Most of the things we know about his betting journey come from his ex-wife Denise Richards. 

In one of her interviews, she claimed that actor bets on sports every single day. According to her, he is ready to spend thousands of dollars each day. That is the reason why he experienced some big losses many times during his career. His passion convinced him that starting a gambling site is the right way to get back his money. That’s exactly what Charle Sheen did. We don’t know now how actively he is gambling. However, his bad reputation will always mark him as one of the most popular gamblers in the world. 

Pamela Anderson

No one says that the list of most famous Hollywood gamblers only contains male actors. Pamela Anderson’s habit confirms that ladies also like to test their luck. In 2007, Pamela Anderson lost 250 thousand dollars on poker for only one night. 

She is an excellent example of how people should not act when gambling. According to different statements, Pamela wasn’t worrying too much about the money she lost. Instead of that, she would continue to gamble in the same manner even when we experience a losing strike. We do not know if she is still using the same method to make her free time more entertaining. However, she is one of the most popular Hollywood gamblers. 

Ray Romano

Men of a Certain Age is probably the reason why Ray Romano is a member of this list. In that period, he took on the role of a compulsive gambler. It seems that his role inspired him to try to earn more money in the same way. Yet, it may also happen that Ray Romano was a gambler enthusiast even before that. 

Anyway, Ray didn’t hide the problem that he had. His addiction allowed him to participate in the World Series of Poker. Despite that, he is also regularly making virtual bets when playing golf. 

Shannon Elizabeth

Another person that needs to be on this list is Shannon Elizabeth. She also confirms that gambling passion does not have anything to do with gender. We all know her as Nadia in American Pie. However, after she managed to improve her popularity, she also started to play poker. 

People that played poker with her say that she is a formidable opponent. Shannon does not hesitate to invest a lot of money and risk. That is probably the reason why she has some notable wins at the World Series of Poker. However, Shannon also achieves some successes in the online world. More precisely, she is an active player in online poker. That is the reason why we said that gambling sites can be a great alternative. It allows people to enjoy the game from the comfort of their room. 

Final Thought

As you see, Ben Affleck and Matt Demon are not the only gambling lovers from Hollywood. Many of them like to spend their free time in the same way. It is hard to determine which person from our list is the most popular one. However, when you look closer, some of them managed to become successful at gambling as well. 

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