Titanic: 10 Things You Didn’t Know



Back when Titanic was premiered, it was the most expensive movie that was made. Together with The Lord of the Rings and Ben Hur, Titanic was tied up for most Academy Awards won by a single film and it was the biggest grossing film of all time for years, until Avatar. However, Titanic could have been a whole lot different and here are some things you probably didn’t know about it.

Kate Winslet Beat A-Listers


Rose is the main characters, and James Cameron wanted to get it right with the actress. Some of the options he had included Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone and Madonna. Now I don’t think that I can imagine anyone else in this role.

Kate and Matthew


The chemistry between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio was just one of the amazing things in the film. However, last year, Winslet told Stephen Colbert that she would have auditioned Matthew McConaughey for the role of Jack.

Robert DeNiro Could Have Been Captain Smith


Robert DeNiro was almost selected for the role of Captain Smith. However, at the time, he was suffering from a gastrointestinal infection, and he wasn’t able to appear. This is unfortunate because he would have been a great captain. But the outcome would be the same. Even DeNiro wouldn’t have been able to save the ship.

James Cameron was obsessed with the film


James Cameron was fascinated with the shipwrecks, and he taught that Titanic sinking was “the Mount Everest of shipwrecks.” He was all over the movie, and he wanted to make his mark. Besides directing, he also played his part in writing, but remember the sketches in Jack’s notebook? Those were actually Cameron’s drawings.

Somebody used illegal substances to dose the cast and crew


It was the last night of shooting in Nova Scotia, and someone mixed an illegal substance known as Angel Dust with the food. All of a sudden, 80 people were taken to the hospital, and all of them had hallucinations, and they were stressed out, feeling ill. It is unknown who did this and why, but Bill Paxton, one of Cameron’s collaborators told Entertainment Weekly back in 1996: “One minute I felt okay, the next minute I felt so anxious I wanted to breathe in a paper bag.”

Titanic was played over and over again


Titanic’s success will always be remembered, and some theaters overused the original reels because they played the movie over and over again. They received the replacement reels so that everybody could see the film.

Home Video


Even though Titanic was still being played in theaters, the home video was released. This movie was so popular that the theater runs were extended multiple time. The film was able to rent or purchase on the VHS format, but the theaters would still play it due to high interest.

The Clock


In the final scene of the movie, the clock that can be seen behind Jack shows 2:20 a.m. which is the exact time the Titanic sank in April 1912.

J. Dawson was on board of Titanic


One of the passengers of Titanic was Joseph Dawson and not Jack Dawson. But the fact that the person existed is amazing. The fans of the film visit his grave even though he wasn’t named Jack.

There wasn’t room for Jack


Most of the people criticized Cameron mentioning that Rose could have moved and allowed Jack to climb up on the piece of furniture, whatever that was. Even though it looked like it, there wasn’t enough room for both because it would roll over and one or the other would sink. To Cameron, it is silly that this is being discussed after more than 20 years of the film.

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