Jon Jafari Net Worth in 2018 – Life, Awards, Earnings


Net Worth

Jonathan Aryan Jafari, also known as Jon Tron is successful YouTuber and American comedian. JonTronShow is the name of his YouTube channel which counts more than 4 million subscribers. On his channel, he makes reviews of the movies, TV shows and video games in a very amusing way. He is leading influencer on YouTube society when it comes to this niche.

NormalBoots is his video game website with interesting blog posts about video games. In the text below we will make a quick sketch of his salary, career, personal life, life goals and net worth in 2018.

Early Life & Biography

Born and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, United States. With only 28, he is a very prosperous and respectable comedian and YouTuber. He went to Palos Verdes Peninsula High School where he met Michael Barryte and Jirard Khalil, outstanding actors. This was the crossroads in his life as he decided to become an actor and entertainer.

Personal Life

He was in the relationship with Nicole Rodrigues, an animator from New York, until 2017. Everything about his private life is a huge secret, and the public is not familiar with it. We can assume that he is single now.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Before he has created his own YouTube channel JonTronShow in 2010, he uploaded his animations on the in 2006. His username was “BirdmanXZ6.” Daikatana, the shooter video game, was the first of his review on this platform. Hercules, Home Alone and Barbie are some of the video games series he has reviewed. In 2014, he gained his first million subscribers. Star Wars franchise video games are also in his range of critiques. was first launched in 2010 and just two years after it was shut down. The game website was launched again 24 January 2014 at the same time with video games ProJared and Satchbag`s Goods. On this website, he uploads interesting video clips and blog spots about popular video games. “Did You Know Gaming?”, “The Completionist” and “Indie Games Searchlight” are Jafari`s most famous and popular blog posts.

He has another successful job like the voice actor for the video games. He earned fame with his role in “A Hat in Time” and “Yooka-Laylee.” In the web series “TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise” in 2013 Jon was given a role of Sniperwheel. He was also the part of the podcast with h3h3 productions.

Jon Jafari is very respectable worldwide by many of his colleagues, YouTubers, gamers, and actors because his work on reviews is impeccable. According to Time Magazine from 2015, Jon Tron was 7th searched Internet meme on the network. On the list of “Top 10 YouTube Video Game Reviewers,” he walks off with 5th position.

Net Worth & Earnings

Jon Jafari net worth in 2018 is $1 million. Most of this income is passive and comes from his YouTube channel and his subscribers. He is a grateful man who also leads the Teach For America`s “GoFoundMe campaign.”
His life story is very inspirational for every boy and girl who wants to become a YouTuber, and his passion for video games and comedy gave him a job that each of us would wish. One more thing we can say about him is that he does not work because he does what he loves.

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