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Net Worth

Talented Milan Christopher started his career in 2008, and since then his earnings are growing, thanks to the engagements in movies, TV shows, fashion and music industry. Well known American actor, rapper, businessman, and model, Christopher is successful in basically everything he does. So what is Milan Christopher’s net worth?

Milan Christopher’s Biography

Milan Christopher Gordy wanted to prove himself since he was a child, no matter what other people might say or think. Milan grew up in Chicago, Illinois, US, where he was also born on 28th of February 1984. In 2008 he moved to Los Angeles to build his career dreams. Milan Christopher is a homose*ual and huge supporter of the LGBT community and their rights. He was always proud of who he is, and he raised his voice many times in media regarding the prejudices LGBT population is facing.

Milan Christopher is an open supporter of the LGBT community and he talked many times about his bad experience of being gay in a world of rap. On the other hand, he also criticized the LGBT in music in one of his Tweets: Dear Gay Men, Y’all do realize that the Female Singers & Rappers that you all made famous, continue to support & be so adamantly attacking each other over, HAVE NEVER DID A SONG WITH, SUPPORTED OR HELPED OUT any openly g*y artist in the industry.” He said that homose*uality is much common among male rappers comparing to what is presented in the media.

Milan Christopher’s career and achievements

Milan decided to move from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2008 and to completely devote to his career. The same year he filmed movie “Hunted”, right next to a brilliant Beyoncé. He also showed his skills in the second season of TV show “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood”. Milan was a very first gay participant in the famous show. Besides this, Milan Christopher has a part in other shows, such as “12 Corozones” and “Nip/Tuck”. He did many commercials for popular brands and also had a role in Kanye West music video.
While building his career as an actor, model, and singer, Christopher builds his own businesses. “Milan Christopher Intimate Apparel” is his own line of underwear. He also owns the “White Smile”, a company for teeth whitening, located in Los Angeles. In his successful career, he had an opportunity to present himself as a singer, actor, but also as a model. Actually, he is one of the first gay black models and open supporter of the LGBT. Milan’s Tweeter and Instagram profiles have more than 2 millions of followers together.

Milan Christopher’s awards

Milan Christopher’s dedication in varies fields made him very popular and supported by millions of fans around the world. His biggest achievement when it comes to awards and official acknowledgments is the “Gentlemen of Artistry Award”. Milan got the prestigious award in 2016, at the Gentlemen’s Ball, for his “When I go” song. Isadore Hall III, Senator of the California State, sent him a letter, with a personal word of recognition for Milan’s work.

Milan Christopher Net Worth

Talented American actor, model, and singer is a successful businessman which net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Besides his successful TV and Music career, he owns several businesses which brings him additional incomes and earnings. His role in the entertainment industry is growing and his name is a well-known example of the person who stands for his and others people rights. Supported from the LGBT community, he often raises his voice against the prejudices, violence and other social problem.

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