Top Movie Pages On Instagram That Worth to Follow



Let’s be honest, we all know that we spend at least an hour on Instagram these days! I have seen people, literally they live on Instagram! They eat and sleep Instagram and some smart people they make money and pay the bills through the Instagram.

However, spending time on Instagram won’t consider as waiting your time if you follow the right pages there! They are some pages on Instagram with great and valuable content, strong stories and shareable posts. You can learn from them, gain more knowledge or even bring a smile on your face. That really depends on what type of content you are looking for. Obviously, we all look for the great movie pages on Instagram as movie fans. Hence I made a research on Instagram to find the worthy pages with awesome content of movies and news to keep you updated about the movies world. Before revealing these pages make sure that you are holing your phone and ready to follow them on Instagram.


No doubt shares great content. They are very innovative in terms of creating a post with the epic script of the movie mixing with video of the same movie. You won’t get bored by browsing on this Instagram account to see interesting content all day! There is also a website in their page bio for those who are interested to get deeper in their work to see and read more about movies and great scripts of the movies.


Who does not like Starwars! The Starwars official page is one of the popular pages for the Starwars fans around the world. They share news about the movie, the upcoming event of Starwars and many more on their Instagram page. Do not miss this one!


The true Starwars memes page! This page shares the great and funny memes. It is very well known for the dark memes of Starwars. Moreover, they have a community of bloggers on their website for sharing stories and opinions.


If you are a fan of superhero’s this is the right page for you to follow on Instagram. Sharing daily of the interesting Marvel Studios and DC hero’s make this page unique for the followers.



Personally, this is one of my favorite movie pages although this page is not very popular on Instagram, but they share very unique videos. If you are interested in visual movies effect and what’s going on behind the scene for all those mind-blowing scenes, you should hit the follow button for this account! They show all those work and tricks that Hollywood uses in the movies! Absolutely amazing!

As you can guess the content based on the Instagram account name, they share the best movies line. We can not deny that the admin of the page has a great taste of picking up the great sentence and dialog of the actor in popular movies.  Furthermore, they have a Facebook page too! You can follow them on Facebook if you are looking for more text content which comes with the great visual content on their page.

You can also start your own page on Instagram based on your interest to share the quality movies content, news or even movie memes. If you do not know how to start your page in order to reach a decent number of followers, Social Tradia can be helpful for your purpose. You can get your movie page from the influences that are ready to trade their accounts and give you hints to keep growing the Instagram account.

There are so many other great pages out there on the Instagram that might be missed in this list. However, these pages worth to follow because of the quality and interesting content that they share with their followers. If you like to keep up with the news and see great movie content, you should not miss them.

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