Samsung Frame TV – Blurring the Line Between Entertainment and Art



What is Art? Art is the language of imagination and creativity. A piece of art can be appreciated for its beauty or it can be so impactful and shocking that it can change the way you think forever. Art reflects human society and makes us question our past and strive for a better future.

State Of The Art

Technology and Art have – at times – had a tumultuous relationship with the invention of the camera tipped to destroy painting and drawing. Art is almost intangible, but it can never be stopped. As new technologies emerge, new ways of creating art bubble to the surface. As cameras became smaller, cheaper and less flammable a new breed of artist was born and with them came a paradigm shift in how the world was entertained. In a cosmic blink of an eye, people went from huddling in cinemas to surfing the web on a smart TV in the comfort of their own homes.

A New Frame Of Mind

Television technology has become almost magical. Crisp, bright panels and sleek housings keep getting better. There are some very well-designed sets on the market but the fundamentals have remained relatively the same… until now. Samsung has literally changed the way we look at TV. Check out the Samsung Frame TV available from Domayne Australia. The Samsung Frame TV is seamless blend of Art and technology designed to turn your living space into a gallery.

The Choice Is Yours

This gorgeous television pays homage to traditional art forms that came before it. It is elegant and timeless with a choice of bezels to match the aesthetics of your space. For a warm and classic look, why not choose the walnut frame? For those who have an ultra-modern and minimalistic style, the white frame is the perfect choice. The bezels are interchangeable and using a clever magnetic design, are easily switchable, so you can change your TV to suit your environment.

Hang It Up

Of course, Samsung haven’t named the Frame TV for its bezel. This TV is ultra-thin and can be hung exactly like a framed piece of art. It can be tilted and adjusted after being mounted to suit your light levels and viewing angles.

One Connect

For those of you who have owned a Samsung smart TV, you will be well versed in Samsung’s brilliant “One Connect” box. This handy innovation means you route all the TVs connections through one cord out of the TV. The One Connect box houses all the necessary connections away from the TV itself, meaning the Frame TV can be hung like the artwork it is with no unsightly tangle of cables hanging from the TV.

Your Own Gallery

The Frame TV not only looks like a piece of art, it helps you present your favourite artworks. With a standalone gallery mode and multiple stand choices available, it presents a new and exciting way to display art. With a striking array of options, you can even change the matte settings, enabling a professional looking display for stored pictures.

It goes without saying that the Frame TV is packed full of Samsung’s best technology and the panel itself is, for the lack of a better phrase, state of the art. Much like the world of consumer technology, in the art world, innovation is key. Samsung have blurred the lines of art and entertainment with this stunning new television. Thin and beautiful with no messy cables to ruin its minimal aesthetic and with the ability to present images in a way never seen before, it can turn your space into an art gallery. Or you could simply marvel at its quality while you watch your favourite movie or show. Art and entertainment in one package, who couldn’t love that?

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