The Link Between Tamil Music and Bollywood



The Hindi cinema, also known as Bollywood, has become widely popular through its songs and dance. Ever since its beginning, Hindi cinema has started making songs and dances, which became an integral part and the main feature of these movies.

India’s first sound film in 1931 incorporated music, song, and dance. Since then, this has been the direction in which many other Bollywood films continued following. Over the years, song and dance have continued to play an outsized role in the Hindi film industry.

Tamil music, on the other hand, dates back to over a thousand years ago. Its beginnings can be traced back to the emergence of Indian culture. It soon became one of the preferred music of many Indians. The music itself is very positive, cheerful, and relaxing. It features a beautiful melody that is accompanied by happy lyrics.

The Tamil songs, the latest one you can download on Tamildada, can be difficult to understand. This is especially the case with people who don’t speak the language. However, with the introduction of the Internet and YouTube, many of these songs are either translated or there is a music video for them. Hence, it’s now easier than ever to understand Tamil songs.

The Link Between Tamil Music and Bollywood

The popularity of Tamil music is closely associated with its heavy use in Bollywood. In fact, there is hardly any Hindi film that doesn’t come with a Tamil song in it. What might sound surprising is the fact that almost every Tamil music artist has their song incorporated in a film. This is so because Bollywood tends to make a huge amount of movies a year.

Many people would argue that there is no comparison between Bollywood and Hollywood when it comes to quality. However, Bollywood is a quickly evolving industry with plenty of potentials. The directors and actors are doing their best to improve the quality of the films they make. What’s more, Tamil music seems to progress in the same way and it’s becoming better than ever.


The link between Tamil music and Bollywood is extremely close. Many people would even say that Bollywood is responsible for the popularity of Tamil music, not only in India but also all over the world.

What’s also important to mention that Bollywood isn’t the only industry where Tamil music is present. This type of music is also heavily used in Kollywood.

Bollywood films are very successful in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and NRIs around. This industry is associated with Hindi cinema mostly based in Bombay. In fact, Indian cinema is known as Bollywood all over the world. The name of this industry is derived from Bombay and Hollywood.

On the other hand, Kollywood, or Tamil cinema, is the filmmaking industry of Tamil-language motion pictures. This filmmaking industry is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, in the Kodambakkam neighborhood. Hence, that’s where the name Kollywood comes from. These days, Kollywood became widely recognized and popular in many countries around the world which has spread the popularity of Tamil music even more.

Some of the most popular Tamil songs which can be found in Bollywood movies include Hosanna This A R Rahman, Mukala Mukabula, Urvasi Urvasi, and Irumbile oru idhaiyam.

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