Brian Redban Net Worth 2019 – How Much He Earns


Net Worth

Brian Redban is an American comedian who gained fame by participating in the famous “The Joe Rogan Experience” show. We can say that he is currently a great name on the comedy scene. Because it’s famous and popular, it’s logical that Brian Redban has a net worth. To find out how much he makes money, we’ve prepared the next article for you. So let’s start.

Early life


Brian was born on August 4th, 1974 in federal state Ohio, in the United States. Unfortunately, we do not know much about his childhood, but we know that he worked for a while at the Gateway computer store. He had his breakthrough on the scene in the podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Joe Rogan is the person who hired him and invited him to the team. The podcast has attracted a lot of attention and gained great popularity. As far as Brian’s love life is concerned, we know that there is a girl he calls ‘Missing Toe’. We do not know the details, but we know that they are probably dating since 2016, and that they are hiding successfully from journalists.


As we said, Brian became popular after he began collaborating with Joe Rogan at ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. But before this collaboration, he participated in ‘The Naughty Show’ and ‘Deathsquad’ which were his beginning in the world of comedy. After joining Rogan in the podcast, they gained great popularity and attracted a lot of attention around the world. Great fame brought some changes in his life and soon, he moved to California with Joe. Unfortunately, despite huge global success, Joe and Brian had problems in 2013, after which they stopped cooperating.

Awards and Achievement

In the course of his career, Brian did not have significant awards, and after he stopped cooperation with Rogan, his career went downhill. Although he worked on other shows, none of them has reached as much popularity as the ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ show. However, it should be noted that at the beginning of last decade he was nominated for the Shorty Award for Best Web Series.

Brian Redban Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, after splitting with Joe Rogan, Brian’s career and popularity began to fall. His net earnings are estimated at $ 1 million. Currently, his main source of income is Deathsquad Podcast Network, a show that is his own personal creation. Numerous shows and podcasts bought his shows. Certainly, what he did is for a great respect, especially if you pay attention to the fact that he is self-taught, and that’s something that is truly incredible. The fact that numerous shows continue to buy his work shows that people still recognize his creativity and talent for comedy. We sincerely hope that he will be able to return to the level at which he was incredibly successful and popular and that his net worth will grow in the coming years.

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