How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Faster



YouTube is the world’s largest video watching platform on the Internet and can be a real option for a real career. We live in a digitalized world, where social media can act as a steady source of income. Many people use social media to promote their business or brand to the rest of the Internet community, and YouTube is no different. While YouTube is considered as a social media platform, it revolves solely on making videos and sharing them with the rest of the platform.


YouTube is a platform where you can share videos, and there are all kinds of videos. Everything from gameplay content, to storytelling, to even top 10’s, you can find all kinds of videos. Because on YouTube you are an independent content creator, you can use your knowledge on a specific niche, and earn money by making videos on that subject. This makes the platform very popular as anyone can be a content creator, and all you need is a bit of creativity. Starting on YouTube can be hard, and some statistics say that only about 1 to 2 % of content creators make it on YouTube. This is because YouTube can be a very cruel place if you are new as a content creator, and you are going to need all the help you can get. So stick around as we are going to tell you how to faster grow your YouTube channel.

1.  Buying Views and Subscribers

As we mentioned, making content on YouTube can be a frustrating thing, especially if you are new to it. There are so many videos uploaded each day it that makes it virtually impossible for someone to stumble upon your content if you are new. This is why so many content creators are choosing to buy cheap YouTube subscribers. Imagine how much that can help you if you are a small channel. Imagine how much more relevant you would be with 1000 subscribers instead of 10. This is the sole reason why so many content creators are turning their attention to these services for a little push.

2.  The First 8 Seconds are Key

With the constant growth of YouTube as the number one video watching platform; people’s time is becoming very valuable. And YouTube has constantly said that you need to deliver high-quality videos. Another thing that you need to understand is that the YouTube algorithms will promote videos with higher watch time than normal. According to Gianni Nicassio, the first 8 seconds determine whether someone will watch your video or not. Content creators are faced with a task to deliver quality content straight away because the statistics show high click-away rate after 8 to 10 seconds into a video.

3.  Titles and Thumbnails are Important

Content creators who put a lot of time making quality thumbnails and titles have a bigger chance of being clicked than those who look amateurish. Great thumbnails can bring quality to your channel, and great titles can grab someone attention and make him click on your video. It’s not rocket science and no one likes to waste their time on pointless videos, but even if you do lack the quality in video production, you can make it up with a great thumbnail and title.

PRO TIP: It isn’t necessary to have an expensive YouTube camera for quality videos and to grow a YouTube channel. However, I would recommend you to use a camera that has a flip-out screen if you intend to film yourself on camera unless you have someone behind the camera to help you.

Focusing on these strategies can greatly impact the growth of your channel. Finding the best site to buy YouTube views can bolster your chance of someone finding your video through the YouTube algorithms. Having a great title and thumbnail further aids to your potential growth, and delivering quality content will push you even further to YouTube success.

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