Smart Home Technology 2019 – Best 9 devices for your modern home



Modern technology brings many advantages to our lives, and having such devices around your home can make your life easier. Wireless commands on everyday-used things like house lighting, clocks, window blinds, water heaters, cooking instruments, etc., sounds pretty cool, right? Thanks to the smart devices, today we can turn on the lights simply with our voice, or clap of the hands.

Among plenty of different smart home devices, here are the ones we found the most useful and practical.

1. Controllers and hubs for smart home


Logitech Harmony Elite

Old-school remote controls just became modern – this smart remote can control a wide range of smart technology in every home. Play music, control lights, turn off/on temperature, and many more things just from one simple remote controller.

The Echo, Bluetooth speaker

This wireless speaker is a great assistant if you want to control many different devices and gadgets. Powered by Alexa, the Echo speaker is practical and multifunctional, and it can be used simply by your voice.

Wink Hub 2

One of the most reliable hub’s, Wink Hub 2 is compatible with any device that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Kidde, Z-Wave, and Lutron Clear Connect. This device is multifunctional, and it cant be connected with basically every gadget smart home could have.

Brilliant Control

If you are a touch screen fan, Brilliant Control wall switch is just what you need. It offers a wide range of controls, such as temperature and lightening adjustments, cameras, music, etc. With installed Amazon Alexa voice support, this touch screen works with popular platforms like Philips Hue, Sonos, Ring, Nest, and Ecobee.

2. Best smart bed for your modern home


Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

360 Smart Bed will improve your sleep with its great features. Installed biometric sensors allow you to track your sleeping info and get the whole picture of your snooze.

3. Smart Light Systems

EufyHome app

Supported by voice commands from Google Assistant and Alexa, this lighting system allows you to chose among 16 million colors, and comes with smart bulbs.

Philips Hue Family

Philips Hue Family allows you to control both color and the light intensity. The affordable system gives a new spark to your smart home.

4. Best Surveillance Cameras


Wyze Cam Pan

This camera already has two editions: Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam V2. Modern features and low prices will give you perfect recording with motion and sound detection, free cloud storage, mechanical tilt, and pan,
Time-laps recording, etc.

iCamera Keep Pro

This camera provides full surveillance of any modern house. Powerful features like sound and motion detection, a 1080p image sensor, time-lapse recording, mechanical tilt and pan, and much more, provide you with a full video of anyone moving around the room.

SkyBell HD

First video doorbell on the list, SkyBell HD has nigh venison and event-trigger and also records a few seconds before the event. Along with the camera, cloud storage for recorded videos is also provided. This modern camera can be connected with other smart devices around your home.

5. Heating and Cooling Systems



Voice controlled system, Ecobee4 has many useful features that will help you run your modern and smart home. A built-in sensor detects cold or hot spots around the rooms, and adjust the temperature.

Nest 3rd gen

The smart thermostat with wide display and sensors can be easily controlled from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

6. Vacuum Cleaners


iRobot Roomba i7+

One of the most advanced models among the vacuum cleaners. This machine navigated by the camera will clean your house without any effort of yours.

EcovacsDeebot N79S

A strong vacuum cleaner that comes with manual steering and long life battery. With the great features, this cleaner is a great combination of price and quality.

7. Smart Devices for Kitchen


Perfect Bake Pro

The perfect baking scale system will help you to cook like a pro. Connected with an app, Perfect Bake Pro is a great option for every cooking amateur.

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

With this device, you can control the cooker from everywhere. Wi-Fi connection gives you control over the temperature and informs you about every step of the cooking.

8. Security Systems and Locks


ADT Pulse

Besides the regular features every smart home security device has, ADT Pulse advantage comparing to other devices comes as the 24/7 customer and monitoring support.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

This easily controlled lock is remotely controlled by Siri voice, Google Assistant or Alexa. It is definitely one of the best security smart locks on the market.

9. Outdoor smart home devices


Swimming pool cleaner

Polaris 9650iQ Sport
Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone allows you to have full control of your swimming pool cleaner. High price justified its wide range of options.

Sprinkler Controller

Long distance controlled system, Sprinkler Controller can be connected with your phone. Built-in sensors react to the rain and automatically turns off.

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