How to make movie reviews on YouTube



YouTube is a popular platform on the internet where you can watch all kinds of content, like music videos, funny videos, lots of reviews, and many more. Currently, it represents one of the most widespread social networks and shares popularity with Facebook and Instagram as well. Reviewing all kinds of products on YouTube is very popular, and some people managed to build successful careers as YouTube vloggers.

If you are interested in becoming a YouTube reviewer, you could also earn money based on your popularity. Most of the earnings come from the Ad system, where you get paid according to the number of visits on your videos, or by the number of views of ads in them. And, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the essentials of common and quality movie reviews.

Choose the Right Content

As a beginner, you can’t expect your videos will have the same quality as professional ones. But, with the right content and the ability to be attractive to the audience, you can manage to become a popular YouTuber. Also, people like to hear the opinions of ordinary people like themselves. The main advantage of amateur reviews about different topics is that it gives the viewer a sense of closeness, mostly because they are listening to someone who is on the same level as they are, not a professional.

However, the first step for a good review is to choose a proper subject for it. That means that you should have a decent knowledge of the topic in your video. No one expects from you to be an expert, but you should be really good in the field that you are reviewing if you want to get more attention. So, as a movie reviewer, people will assume that you are passionate for movies, and you will have to justify their expectations.

Choose Equipment for Shooting

When you decide about the topic that will be in your video, and how it will have to look, next step is to decide how will you record. There are two main ways in most of videos. First one is the frame in your video of you while you are speaking, and another one is just video and your speech in the background. Today, even a camera on your phone is good enough for a quality video.

If you choose to make a video with your smartphone, you should at least secure it to be stable while filming it. But, if you are interested in making higher-quality videos, you should consider buying a camera. We can recommend you to visit FindTheDecision  where you can see a lot of options for a proper camera and showed them how to use it as well. Of course, if you decide to make videos only with your phone, don’t forget about focus, composition, and the amount of light in the room.

Choose Equipment for Sound Recording

If you plan to be in the frame in the reviews and write the sound immediately while shooting, you will need a microphone. Of course, any digital camera has a built-in microphone, but it is very difficult to get high-quality sound with it, not even in a soundproofed room. So it’s better to find a decent microphone, which will allow you to maintain the high-quality sound.

The microphone is essential if you choose to record a voice-over during the shooting. You can use the microphone on your headset or a desktop microphone, but you must make sure that in a room is in absolute silence during recording. This will make the production process simpler because than you won’t need to master the sound noises.

Develop a Scenario

The best way to make a video review without making too many brakes and repetitions of the same parts, you should build a scenario that will help you to make a video faster and with more quality. The script will help you to look more confident in the video because you won’t need any improvisation at all. Also, you will look like an expert.

If you don’t know how a scenario for a review should look like, you should watch some other vloggers on YouTube and see how they managed to make their videos. Also, pay attention to all of the parts of your video, and make sure that you choose the right order in a review. You should make some unique introduction before starting to talk about the topic.

Always Make Post-Processing

When the video is done, do not rush to upload it to your YouTube channel. Be sure to post-process the footage to eliminate various problems, eliminate noise or adjust the picture. During post-processing, you can apply various effects to the video, add captions, insert graphics, apply voiceover music, and many more.

Furthermore, post-processing can be attributed directly while uploading a video review to the YouTube channel. At this stage, it is very important to make a description of the review, and add the tags that will help users to find this review in a YouTube search.

Don`t Forget the Nuances

To make the video review look harmonious, always remember how your actions will look when viewed from the side. For example, it is very unattractive to quickly move objects in the frame or perform zoom because sharp movements in the frame are blurry, the camera does not have time to focus on the object and the frame is then unclear.

In addition, foreign objects and various debris should not fall into the frame. If you are shooting objects with mirrored surfaces, check to see if something unwanted is reflected in them. And be sure to monitor your speech and speak at a moderate pace, clearly pronouncing all the words and controlling your breathing.

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