The Royals Season 5: Is It Happening


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The Season 4 finale of The Royals has left us all wondering whether or not there will be a new season for this amazing show. We all want to know what will happen next in the TV monarchy and the story is far from being wrapped up.

You have probably heard that Mark Schwahn, the show runner, was fired last December as there were allegations of se*ual harassment. Hence, if the show returns, the fans are definitely hoping that someone else will be brought as a show runner.

What happened with previous seasons was that before the final episode air, the show has already been renewed for a new season. However, we saw the last episode of The Royals Season 4 in May, but there hasn’t been any news on a new season.

Even though William Moseley and Alexandra Park, who play Liam and Eleanor, were very optimistic in an interview which happened in May, the show has been cancelled. Yes, you’ve read it right! The Season 5 of The Royals wasn’t renewed for a new season.

The palace gates have been locked!

We have seen a huge ending of Season 4 as Liam, Kathryn, Cyrus, Helena, Eleanor, and Jasper were conspiring to bring down King Robert. The cancelling of the show will definitely disappoint lots of people.

E! has cancelled the series after four seasons. The Royals started in 2015 and starred Elizabeth Hurley as the matriarch queen of a British royal family and William Moseley and Alexandra Park as her children. The series has been packed with scandals and romances. Other actors who were part of the cast were Tom Austen, Genevieve Gaunt, Jake Maskall, Max Brown, Victoria Ekanoye, and Rocky Marshall.

However, not all hopes should be abandoned. It has been speculated that Lionsgate, the co-producer the series, is currently looking for a new home of the show.

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