What is the best portable projector in 2019?



In the world of modern gadgets and technology around every corner, TVs are no longer the only way of
watching your favorite movies at home. Small portable projectors are the new craze among movie.
These devices are handy because you can use any wall as the background, meaning you are not limited
only to the comfort of your living room. These are the five best portable projectors in 2019.

1. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector


This is a great value projector, as well as one with the best reviews on the Internet. Customers are happy
with the easy setup and picture quality. It supports a 1920×1080 resolution and has a 2000:1 contrast
ratio. You can place from 5 to 16 feet away from the wall, the image size is up to 176 inches. There are
two built-in speakers, so you will not need another speaker setup, unless you wat surround sound.
Lastly, the cooling technology it has keeps it very cool, and without the annoying fan noise. The price is
$90 on Amazon.

2. AEHR Mini Portable Projector


The next projector on the list is great for business conferences and work presentations. This projector is
the same size as an iPhone 8, meaning it is light, handy, and fits into a pocket. It is capable of delivering
a rich, bright, and high-contrast video. There is a powerful quad-core processor for a fast and reliable
connectivity, and the lamp life is around 30,000 hours. The size of the image is up to 120 inches, from a
1 to 3 meter distance. According to the reviews, it is best at 60 inches. It easily connects through Wi-Fi
and the included USB cable. The price is around $260 on Amazon.

3. ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector


ViewSonic is a famous brand in the display and projector industry. This product is a palm-sized projector
that offers a great deal of features, including dual Harman Kardon speakers and a battery that gives you
six hours of power. The lamp life is 30,000 hours. It throws a screen of up to 100 inches, from only eight
feet away. This is perfect for smaller apartments and rooms. There is a smart stand included, that lets
you position the device more easily. Also, the auto keystone feature corrects the distortion while it is
on. The M1 also has 16GB of internal storage for your favorite movies, a plug-and-play setup, as well as
a three-year limited warranty. On Amazon, it costs $270.

4. Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Projector


Although Anker is the most famous for external batteries, they also make great projectors. This one is no
bigger than a soda can, and it is great for steaming any video material you have. The screen is up to 100
inches wide, and the unique design of the Capsule allows it to project images to the front, back, and to
the ceiling. Also, the 360° speaker gives a great surround sound-like experience. The projector is also
lightweight, at only 15 oz. It is made of aluminum and has a durable shell that can sustain bumps and
bruises. It will give you around four hours of life per one single charge, while the “Quick Charge”
technology will get it back to 100% in less than 2.5 hours. It costs $310 on Amazon.

5. Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Projector


The last entry on the list is by another famous brand. This is a great purchase if you want to host movie
nights at home, as it has 3300 lumens of color/white brightness. This means you will get a clear and vivid
imagery. These life-sized images are up to 25 times larger than those on regular 60 inch TVs. The
projector connects through an HDMI cable, so it easily works with Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and
computers. Dimensions are 12 x 9 inches and the weight is 5.5 pounds, meaning this is actually a
somewhat larger model. The “Instant Off” is handy. On Amazon, you can get it for $350.

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