6 Brilliant Pieces of Technology to Make Your Bedroom Its Own Movie Theatre



People spend at least eight hours a day at their job. It can be draining office work, grueling heavy lifting, fast pace food service, or more! Whatever it is, when people come home, they often want to relax in bed and maybe watch a movie. Though a home movie system would be great, many don’t know where to start. Here is a quick guide to building yourself your own home theatre right in your bedroom!

Eight Sleep Smart Bed

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The main part of every bedroom is, of course, the bed. Eight Sleep is one of the few smart beds out there. Its technology is designed to help you sleep better. Sensors embedded onto the surface can sense your pressure points so it can support and cradle them. It can also detect the temperature of your body to warm you up or cool you down throughout the night. Other than just being there when you sleep, its technology is there whenever you need it. As you’re watching your movie, your mattress can adjust to your temperature and pressure points, meaning you can create the perfect environment for yourself. For latest mattress technology and products, you may check MyBestMattress.

Comfortable TV Listening Headband

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Earbuds and Headphones have been around forever. They’re convenient for day to day use. Unfortunately, at night, they can become inconvenient. Earbud cords are easy to yank out or break. Headphones are so bulky, that they can be nearly impossible to sleep with at all. Fortunately, some of the people who experience the inconvenience are inventors. The TV headband is a speaker that wraps around your head, covering your ears. It’s comfortable enough that you can wear it for sleeping. Furthermore, it’s Bluetooth compatible and can connect to the TV. You can control it with a simple remote, and it brings plenty of noise in to block out the outside world.

Beoplay M3

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After listening to your favorite tunes with headphones all day, perhaps you’d rather use something else as you settle down to watch your favorite movie. Beoplay M3 is a high-quality speaker that can catch the deepest bass sounds and has the capacity to fill a medium-sized room. The speaker is Bluetooth compatible and can hook up to your computer, TV, or whatever device you choose. The speaker has an aluminum base, making it very lightweight. It’s also designed with wool and wood with a leather finish. This way, it doesn’t break easily and has a design that ages well!

chiliPAD Sleep System

Img source: chilitechnology.com

Do you sleep hot or cold? This question is more important than you think. Your body temperature fluctuates during sleep, but it must stay within a specific range; otherwise, you will wake up with sudden chills or drenched in sweat. Neither of those options sounds like fun. The chiliPAD was invented for people with this problem. It utilizes a thermal threaded pad connected to a hydro system to keep you cool. It has two designs — one for one user, and another for two users. The temperature is adjustable by remote. You can get more about the details of chiliPAD sleep system and how it works at SmartifyLife sleep-related smart gadgets website.

Harmony Elite

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As far as smart home systems go, the Harmony elite some amazing features. It’s a lot like a remote control…for your entire house! It hooks to your house system, which includes lights, blinds, kitchen, and anything else you can think of. It also connects to smartphones and entertainments devices (Like a smart TV) as well as home systems like Alexa.

Using Harmony elite, you can also create “activities,” like a morning activity. For example, you can have an activity for movies, where it will turn off the lights, shut the blinds, and start the TV. The Harmony Elite is a continuously evolving product with many new features to come!

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

Img source: mashable.com

As much fun as watching a movie in your bedroom sounds, it’s a little hard to do if your bedroom is too hot or cold. Or worse, if it’s full of allergy-triggering particles. The Dyson Pure is designed to eliminate these problems. It works, both as a heater and as an air conditioner with an amazing temperature range. It has the 350-degree range, allowing it to do its job for your entire space efficiently. It works well, even in large rooms, eliminating that concern. In addition to being a cooling system, it also works as an air filter. It captures and filters 99.97 percent of allergens and is asthma and allergy certified.

With its help, your bedroom is the perfect environment to relax in. After a long day at work (or school) it’s nice to come home and just relax. When I finally finish with my day, one of my favorite things to do is turn on Netflix to see what movies are available. Home gives most people something to look forward to during the workday, and with technology, the improvement is vast.

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