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One of the most popular TV shows in the 90s was Home Improvement. The show was about the life of Time Taylor and his family, his wife and three sons. Tim was the host of the TV show and he was also known as The Tool Man. The show first aired 27 years ago, and it had more than 200 episodes and eight seasons. If you want to find out where’s the cast of this show today, you need to continue reading.

Tim Allen Then and Now


Tim played The Tool Man. The Tool Man or Tim Taylor was the main character of the show. He hosted his show Tool Time, where he teaches viewers about home improvement, with his assistant Al. His great loves besides his wife Jill were tools and cars.

Tim Allen continued to work in TV shows. The show that made him popular is a comedy series Last Man Standing. The show is about a man who works in a sporting goods store, and it follows his life. Tim also played in some movies like The Santa Clause and Galaxy Quest.

Patricia Richardson Then and Now


Tim’s wife Jill was played by Patricia Richardson. She was best known for her emotions but also her common sense. For this role, Patricia got nominated four times for a Primetime Emmy Award. And Jill is still known as the most unforgettable mom from a TV show.

After Home Improvement, Patricia’s career didn’t end. She had roles in many TV shows, like The West Wing, Strong Medicine, and the famous crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She appeared in some movies too, like Smart Cookies and Snow Bride.

Zachery Ty Bryan Then and Now


The oldest son of Tim and Jill was Brad Taylor, and he was played by Zachery Ty Bryan. Everyone loved his many hairstyles and the fact that he often got into trouble. At the time of Home Improvement, he also had some guest appearances on other TV shows. And the most interesting appearance was on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
After the show, Zachery Ty Bryan had some small roles in other popular TV shows like Smallville, Veronica Mars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The last time he acted was in the movie Thor: Hammer of the Gods, in 2009. Today he is married and has three children, and he is working as a producer.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Then and Now


Thomas played the middle son on the show, Randy Taylor. And before that, he played Kevin Brady on The Brady’s, and he also played in the comedy In Living Color.

Thomas worked a lot when he was still in the Home Improvement show, but he worked a lot after it too. He had roles in Veronica Mars, Smallville, and even Last Man Standing. It is interesting that in the Last Man Standing he was reunited again with his on-screen parents, Tim Allen, and Patricia Richardson.

Taran Noah Smith Then and Now


Taran Noah Smith played the youngest son on the Home Improvement, Mark Taylor. Mark was a very cute little boy, but he was often a victim of his brothers’ pranks. He maybe was the youngest, but he was very smart. Taran won an award in 1992, the Young Artist Award, for “Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Under Ten”.

Taran didn’t continue acting after the end of Home Improvement. He said that he started acting when he was 7, and when the show ended, he was 16. He never had time to decide what he wants to do with his life, but he knew that he didn’t want to act anymore.

Michelle Williams Then and Now


Michelle played Jessica Lutz on Home Improvement, Brad’s new girlfriend. Before acting, she started performing at local musicals, and after that, she had roles in Baywatch, Step by Step, and movie Lassie.

Michelle had a really big role in the show Dawson’s Creek. But her real breakthrough was in the movie Brokeback Mountain. She got an Oscar nomination for her role in Brokeback Mountain. She also had roles in very popular movies like Shutter Island and Oz the Great and Powerful. She has a daughter from her relationship with Heath Ledger.

Tammy Lauren Then and Now


Tammy had many roles as a child actress in Family Ties, Little House on the Prairie, and Who’s Watching the Kids. On Home Improvement she had a role as Patty, Jill’s friend in the sixth and seventh season.
Today Tammy is married to actor Guri Weinberg. She also had some roles in TV shows like That’s Life, The Drew Carey Show, and Two and a Half Men.

Richard Karn Then and Now


Richard had a great role on Home Improvement as Al Borland, Tim’s best friend, and a sidekick on Tool Time. But he had luck because he got the part by accident. He had to attend traffic school, because he got a fine, and he sat next to the agent who cast him for Home Improvement. He first appeared in the pilot episode, but he soon became a regular cast member.

When it comes to acting Richard only made some guest appearances in TV shows like Last Man Standing and The Bold and the Beautiful. And that’s because he became a game show host. He was the host of the shows Family Feud, and Bingo America.

Jensen Daggett Then and Now

Jensen started acting when she was 18 years old, in the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys. She also appeared in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, she played the part of Rennie Wickham. On Home Improvement she was Nancy Taylor, Tim’s sister-in-law.

Jensen had some small roles in Major League: Back to the Minors, Project ALF, and The Single Guy. But in 1999 she decided to quit acting and focus on her family. Today she is a Green Home Builder.

On Home Improvement, Betsy played Karyn Kelly, Jill’s best friend, who always made fun of Tim. She was only in the first two seasons because Karyn found a boyfriend and moved to California.

Betsy had a main role on the sitcom Boys Meets World, after Home Improvement. After that, she had some small parts in other shows like Charmed and Girls Meets World.

Bonnie Bartlett Then and Now

Bonnie Bartlett was already a successful actress when she got her role on Home Improvement as Lucille Taylor, Tim’s mother. She had a big role in a drama Love of Life, in the 50s.
Bonnie is still acting, and she is now 88 years old. Today she mostly has small roles, but she had appeared in some very popular shows like NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and General Hospital.

Earl Hindman Then and Now


On Home Improvement Earl played Wilson W. Wilson Jr, a neighbor next door. He was best known for giving advice to the family next door, and he always used famous quotes. The most interesting part was that his character was always covered. He was always behind the fence, and when he was outside his yard his face was always blocked with something.
Unfortunately, Earl Hindman died of lung cancer, at the age of 61, only a few years after his appearance on the show.

Sherry Hursey Then and Now


Sherry had a role as Dr. Ilene Markham, an orthodontist, and Al’s crush. Jill was responsible for setting Ilene and Al up, and the two of them dated from season three to season five. Eventually, they got engaged, but on their wedding day, they decided to split.

Sherry also had an important role on Days of Our Lives, and she had some guest appearances in NYPD Blue and CSI. She also had her own TV movie Lilly’s Light.

Pamela Anderson Then and Now


Pamela Anderson was the first ‘Tool Girl’ on Home Improvement. She appeared in the first two seasons, as Lisa. Her role was to give Tim and Al the tools, bring and introduce special guests and to bring fan mail. After the two seasons, Lisa went to college, but she again appeared in one episode in the sixth season.
The role that made Pamela Anderson famous, was the role of C.J. Parker on Baywatch. She became famous all over the world, and she was one of the longest cast members on Baywatch. She had many roles in TV shows and movies. And her most recent appearance was in the Baywatch movie.

Debbe Dunning Then


Debbe played Heidi Keppert, the second ‘Tool Girl’ on Home Improvement. She came to the show as Al and Tim’ right-hand woman, when Lisa left for college.

Debbe didn’t have many roles after Home Improvement, but she started her own show. Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Round-Up, in the show she tours around America and does interviews with farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. She is married to Steve Timmons, a volleyball player and has three children. She also loves golf, and she often plays in celebrity golf matches. In one of the matches, she reunited with Zachery Ty Bryan, her co-star from Home Improvement. And she once told that she will be interested to do a reboot of Home Improvement.

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