10 Best Fashion Movies You Can Watch Right Now



Grab your popcorn and let’s catch a movie tonight! It doesn’t have to be a scary one that would make you want to hide under the seat. This time, let’s catch a fashion-centric film that will ignite the fashion sense in you. A film that inspires your style and helps you set the trend in your community. You would love to look unique and stand out. Don’t you? Most fashion movies combine drama, romance, and of course beautiful clothes. Let’s explore ten of those movies, so enjoy your sofa or check out these: https://www.sectionalist.com/best-sectional-sofas/for-home-theaters/

1.The Devil Wears Prada


A cult classic movie that is still the talk of the town, that’s the first movie you should catch up even if you watched it.

The film is not only hilarious, but also suitable for every fashion fan. For over 12 years since its release, the crazy coats and bags are still impressive.

2. Se* and the City


You have probably seen the TV show many times years ago. The fans were delighted with the fantastic bridal gowns.

From the photo shoot with a wedding dress to the final scene, there are many ideas that you can borrow and enough glamour fashion moments you can never forget.

3.Ocean’s 8


We heard that it would be an all-female cast heist movie and we were excited. Then more news came out that our beloved Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, and Awkwafina would be the main stars. The Rihanna wears a monokini swimsuit and looks absolutely dashing. And if you want to find the same monokini swimsuit, visit Spicy Lingerie

Fashion-wise though, you won’t get enough of those sparkly jewels, the gorgeous gowns, and Kim K.

4.Crazy Rich Asians


Just like the name sounds, the movie is about Asia’s wealthiest families. Their lavish lifestyle can’t escape your eye. The wedding dress Araminta Lee wears is Swarovski-encrusted, and the vintage looks reworked by Astrid Leong.

The off-screen red carpets appearances during and after the movie release were also packed with epic costumes.

5.Yellow Is Forbidden


Chinese fashion designer, Guo Pei was not well known internationally, until she dressed Rihanna with a stunning hand-made gown in 2015. The singer and actress wore the gown to Met Gala, and it broke the internet.

The film follows the designer as she tries to put her mark in Paris fashion. You can take a leaf from the movie.

6.The Neon Demon


A fashion-themed film shouldn’t be just romantic. It can also be a horror movie as long as you notice fashion. “The Neon Demon” is a 2016 horror film about a young model moving to LA.

The people are obsessed with her beauty, fashion, and style. Find the movie!

7.Coco Before Chanel


If you find fashion designers enticing, then you most likely know Coco Chanel. She’s one of the most iconic designers, and she is the brain behind ‘casual chic’ style. Behind her success is a story.

The movie narrates how she established her own style, for her friends, and people she met until she became a legend.

8.13 Going on 30


Jenna Rinks wanted to be 30, and on her 13th birthday, she was granted the wish. Played by Jennifer Garner, she becomes a big-time magazine editor, and her closet is packed with trendy outfits.

The movie touches on childhood wonder, but your eyes won’t help notice fashion ideas.

9.Atomic Blonde


You know very well that this is a good movie. It should be in a must-watch list of any fashion girl.

The 80s style is so distinctive. The vintage Dior, Burberry trenches, Margiela suits to name a few features in the movie.

10.Confessions of a Shopaholic


The title alone rings the alarm. The film is about a journalist addicted to shopping that she’s in debt.

So, how will she pay off her debt? It’s up to you to find out!


As we have seen from the last movie, you shouldn’t live beyond your means. However, enjoy life and try as much fashion as you can put your hand on. Life is short!

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