8K TV – New Generation of High Resolutions: What Do We Know?



It`s almost uncomfortable to follow all the technical progress we are witnessing almost every day. We didn’t have a decent rest from 4k, and there is already 8k available. Only a few years ago, when the talk about 8k started, there was a small number of people that believed that it was needed, due to really quality resolutions of 4k. A few years in the future, we see that the progress doesn`t need approval from anybody, it just happens, and people use it. That`s pretty much it.

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All the famous manufacturers like LG, Toshiba, and Sony are releasing their 8k TVs that are flooding the market. It is needless to say standards that are established with 8k will be a blueprint for a future generation of TVs and monitors. Also, it is not needed to say that now this 8k technology is the privilege of wealthiest people. Nevertheless, we can surely say that in the future this will be something that anyone could acquire if needed.

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It is of utmost importance that all the broadcasters, studios, producers, and last but not least, manufacturers follow these standards if they want to be a part of the future, that is surely just around the corner. Also, the customers need to know what they can expect from this next generation of TVs that are going to be a part of your household. So, with all these facts, we can start talking about 8k itself. Is it really good as they are saying? Do you need it? Let us introduce you to it.

What Is an 8k Resolution and Why Is It Called 8k?

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We are sure that 8k doesn`t resemble anything that you have seen before. It is the clearest picture you will see. Period. Just imagine a 4k resolution multiplied by four. If you need a measure, no problem. What do you think about 7680×4320? Impressive, is it? Also, if you want a number of pixels, we can tell you that it has over 30 million pixels. We don`t think that we need to point out that you need to have a very large screen to have a proper 8k resolution. It is common sense.

Its name comes from its image`s 8k pixels. Of course, this number is not exact, but it is around that number. At certain specification papers,it is branded as Ultra HD. So, a high number of people calls it Ultra HD 8k. Sounds powerful, doesn`t it? As we said, its resolution is 7680×4320, and people call it 3420p. The same reasons were for people calling Full HD a 1080p. You can see how much of a difference makes 8k in comparison to 4k.

Does This Number of Pixels Matter in Reality?

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Yes, it matters. When you are using 1080p you are having a 2-megapixel image before you. This is not even close to modern smartphones. The 4k technology had eight megapixels, which for that time was pretty high, but as we said, the technology always improves. When it comes to 8k, you have a 33-megapixel image. Use the simplest mathematical operations and see how is that different to 4k. Do you see what the differences are? We are sure that you do.

Can You Find The 8k TVs on The Market?

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These 8k TVs are on the market for some time already. From the first time that it was announced that this technology can be achieved to see them displayed in the shops, quite some time passed. The first one that it was presented was Chang Hong`s 98ZHQ2R TV. After that, the market became flooded with 8k TVs from numerous manufacturers. For example, LG was one of the first companies that followed Chang Hong`s “blueprints” and made an 8k TV.

Where Is 8k Content Coming From?

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Even today, there are so many sources that are creating 8k content. Naturally, the first one was Hollywood. Action films of the recent time were filmed with this technology. Also, the recent commercials were filmed with this technology. Of course, TV production studios will need to include this technology in their “arsenal” if they want to stay as modern as possible. It has been announced that the next Olympic games in Japan, will be broadcasted in 8k. This technology surely has a prosperous and bright future.

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