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At long last, the iPad is getting its own operating system called iPadOS. Instead of trying to please both iPhone and iPad owners with one operating system, Apple has chosen to split the two and focus on giving each device its own specific features. Multi-tasking and split-screen are two very big features on the new operating system and they both aid in one very popular pastime – streaming movies and TV shows on the go.

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Many of the popular streaming apps are disappearing fast but, luckily, there are plenty more available and making life easier for you, we narrowed your choices down to 10 of the very best.

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Top 10 Online Streaming Apps for iPadOS:

All of these alternatives have been fully tested on the new iPad operating system, and all of them are legal to use. Have a look at our recommendations, in no particular order:

Viewster – Free


Viewster is aimed at fans of anime. It is packed with the most popular anime, movies, TV shows and a whole lot more besides but it is ad-supported, as many free apps are. Much of its content cannot be found anywhere else, making it one of the more unique apps of its kind. Free to use, Viewster offers users a huge range of content.

Kodi – Free


Kodi is one of the best-known media apps, an open-source app that was originally released as a media storage hub. It is a one-stop-shop for all your own movies, shows, photos, music, and any other media you may have but, over the years, another side to it has sprung up. Many add-ons have been released to bring you streaming capabilities for movies, shows, documentaries, cartoons, news, and much more. There are quite a few to choose from and, like Kodi, all of them are open-source and free. However, while Kodi is a legal app, the addons may not be, so you use them at your own risk. You can download Kodi from the AppValley appstore linked here – https://appvalleyapp.com

Globo Play – Free, subscription option


Globo Play focuses on offering international content in the form of TV shows, movies, Globo Exclusives, Globo programs, drawings, and more.  It caters for all tastes and preferences and offers the choice of direct streaming or downloading for offline watching. There is even a decent choice of novels that you can download to read. The free version is limited in content, but a subscription is available for more benefits.

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Hulu – Free


No list of streaming apps would be complete without Hulu. One of the best-known streaming apps, Hulu, offers a vast range of movies, TV shows, TV series, and other cool content. It enjoys regular updates, bringing you new content all the time, and it works on all the biggest platforms, including iPadOS. It is web-based but easy to use and offers one-click access to anything you want to watch.

Tubi TV – Free


One of the latest streaming apps to be released, Tubi TV is by no means a large app. But it is growing very fast and what it does offer is of high quality. There are several genres to choose from and a decent choice of movies and TV shows. You do need to have a connection to the internet because the app doesn’t offer an offline mode and, while the app is free to download and peruse, a free account is required for streaming.

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Netflix – Subscription


Netflix is one of the most popular sources of movies and TV shows. It offers thousands of movies, shows, and series, covering all preferences, and it offers a special Kids section too. You can have up to five profiles on one account, and each can be personalized, and Netflix will make recommendations on shows or movies for you to watch. The more you watch, the better these recommendations become. Some content can be downloaded for offline viewing and, while the app is free to download, a subscription is required to watch – a free 30-day trial is offered for new users and content is different from region to region.

Sling – Subscription


Sling TV offers viewers a great choice of movies, cartoons, kids TV, documentaries, TV shows, sports and more. Spread over 10,000 hours of viewing, Sling TV is an on-demand service that offers two subscriptions costing $20 and $25 per month, respectively. Content is available in more than 20 languages, and you can also watch popular channels like Fox, Disney, and Nat Geo.

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Popcornflix – Free


Popcornflix is an iOS streaming app that offers several genres and thousands of movies. It is fully compatible with iPadOS, works on both Wi-Fi and data, and provides users with a pretty much-unlimited choice of movies, all free.

SnagFilms – Free


A very popular app, SnagFilms offers plenty of TV series, TV shows, more than 6,000 movies, cartoons, documentaries, and much more. There is no offline mode, but you can watch what you want, when you want, so long as you have a strong internet connection. There are plenty of genres to choose from, including action, family, adventure, kids, and lots more.

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Crackle – Free


Last but by no means least is Crackle, another free streaming app that is ad-supported. It does offer a good choice of movies, TV shows, TV series and more and there is plenty of it. However, it does change quite quickly, so you need to keep an eye on the ap to make sure you don’t miss something. You can also watch a range of Crime Noir, cartons, classics, silent movies and a lot more, all for free.

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This is just a small selection of the streaming apps on offer, and every one of them is well worth the time to download and watch. Some require a subscription, some don’t offer offline mode, and all of them are different.

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