New Generation of Samsung Shows Us What We Can Expect from Smartphones in the Future



Thinking of ways how smartphones can be improved is, we believe, a very hard job. Most of them are perfectly equipped with cameras with high resolutions, face scanners, and large screens. They almost look like a smaller version of tablets. So, the big question is, what we can expect from smartphones in the future? Well, we can say that we can expect very much.

If you want to know more about the future of smartphones, you don`t need to look much, just look at new products of Samsung. Famous company from South Korea started the implementation of a plethora of new features into their new products. We strongly believe that all of those features will soon start to spread into the products of other companies.

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For this year, Samsung has a plan to release four new products. One of them will have the support for 5G cellular networks. This will be the first smartphone with the possibility of working with this technology. Other products will have much bigger screens than their predecessors, and cameras with higher resolutions. There is also a teaser about the fifth product, but we will leave that to be discussed on another day. We will focus on a new feature that could influence on the smartphones as of whole.

Bigger Phone Screens: Could That Be A Problem?

We are witnessing the trend of bigger screens of smartphones, and we can say that this is pretty popular nowadays. However, many of the popular manufacturers are making bigger screens without increasing their volume. So, the consumer will not have the problem of the phone that is using too much space in their pockets. It is the same case with the products that were manufactured by Samsung.

Foldable Phone: What Exactly is That?

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The world saw a foldable phone for the first time at the software developers conference in 2018. It was presented by Samsung. When it is folded up, it looked like a small screen phone. When it was unfolded, the screen size was increased by double. Samsung teased something about a product called “Galaxy Fold”. That product had two screens, one smaller (4.6 inches), and a bigger one (7.3 inches) which has the size of a tablet device.

For people who love tablets, having a “Galaxy Fold” will be like a dream come true. Already many of them are using some kind of tablets or iPad`s that are up to seven inches long. Having a screen that long can provide a better experience to those who like to watch movies, play games, or reading books on a larger screen. However, with this size, it can hardly fit into a pocket. So, that is a minus.

More Cameras: Do We Really Need Any More?

Newer generations of smartphones featured many camera lenses, that made many effects possible. Some of them featured double lenses, which worked perfectly. Those two lenses sharped the object in the foreground while blurring the background. This became so popular that many of the products of other manufacturers featured the same lenses.

The newest generation of Samsung`s smartphones will take a step forward with this technology. They have the system that consists of a triple camera that are located on the back on the phone, and they are horizontally positioned.The left camera has the purpose of zooming, the center one is the main camera, and the camera on the right has the task of capturing broader shots, like a landscape. We can expect something like this in the smartphones of the future.

5G: What Is That?

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As we already said, one of the newest four of Samsung`s products will feature the support for 5G technology. Just to remind, previous generations had 4G. 5G means that the devices who have support for it will have the possibility of using the internet of almost unlimited speed, which can see the consumer downloading the large sizes of data in a couple of seconds. However, according to information we are having 5G will be available to the consumers until late 2022.

The Prices of Smartphones: Will They Continue to Grow?

All of us have seen that the number of smartphone features is increasing with each generation of phones. Surely, that means the prices are only going to go up. Already, we can see that the prices of mobile phones are more than $1k. Samsung didn`t announce what the price of their newest generation will be, but with the 5G, we can only presume that it will be around $1k.

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