Daniel Wu on a Motorcycle and with a sword in “Into the Badlands”


TV Series

The latest drama from AMC “Into the Badlands” is set in the future where guns aren’t used anymore which means martial arts is the primary way of fighting.

source: denofgeek.com

The photo where we can see Daniel Wu on a motorcycle with a sword in hand is the perfect example of what the show wants to be, a mix of old and new.

source: amc.com

In the show, Wu is Sunny, a highly skilled warrior that finds a kid called M.K. trapped in a box. The pair starts a journey to find enlightenment during which Sunny starts teaching M.K. martial arts.

source: amc.com

The story takes some inspiration from the Chinese tale “Journey to the West”. The exec producers of “Into the Badlands” are Al Gough and Miles Millar with Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg, Wu, David Dobkin and Stephen Fung helping them.


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