How Technology Changes Our Love Lives



At a conference in London scientists talked about statistics: 42% of men would choose to date robots over searching for worthy single women for committed relationships. However, it is not just about robots. Technologies help people find each other and survive long-distance relationships. Besides, one day you might be able to fall in love with a powerful AI.

Search for a Partner by Different Parameters

Online dating services are developing at a breakneck pace. In addition to the usual dating sites, which are based on “swipe,” there are other interesting applications.

  • French service Once will help you find a partner, basing on your heartbeat. Once works together with a fitness bracelet. You are viewing photos of potential partners, and the bracelet monitors the work of your heart. Every day at 12 am, you get a list of people whose hearts beat faster when they saw your photo.
  • Huggle app finds people who have alike hobbies. It tracks the geolocation and compares with whom you visit the same fitness club, bar, stadium and other places most often.
  • Yac app is for people who are at the distance of eye contact. Let’s say in the same room. With the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Yac scans the space around and allows you to write or put “like” to those who are nearby.
  • The GenePartner program allows people to search for their soulmates by biological and genetic compatibility. First, you have to submit a lot of tests, but you will surely have healthy offspring. Now the developers of GenePartner are expanding the number of social networks and online dating applications with which they will cooperate.

In addition, there is an idea to use augmented reality or holograms so that you can see your potential partner and understand whether they really meet your expectations. Another option is that you will not have to fill in any profiles at all, everything for you will be done by the dating app itself, based on the data and behavior on social networks.

Help on Dates

Virtual reality glasses are not impressive. However, many developers still hope that they will create a gadget that will be stably connected to the Internet in real time. It will help once and for all avoid awkward pauses during a date. You will be able to adjust the glasses so that they show the latest news on the topics you are interested in or adjust to the conversation, feeling it with new information. So, you will have plenty of topics for communication! Smart glasses will be able to study the profiles of your partner in social networks and suggest what they would be interested to talk about. Besides, they will be able to analyze the interlocutor’s gestures and facial expressions and suggest to you what a person feels right now and how they react to your words. And if the interlocutor is still talking about something tedious, you can always continue to nod, while quietly monitoring the weather forecast or newsfeed.

Intimacy simulators

Date Steam is a dating simulator, which is popular in Japan. *It vaguely resembles the game The Sims: you need to win the heart of a virtual partner who has their own character and preferences.

In addition, the Japanese have invented the full-fledged simulators of love relationships. A single geek can load a girl to his liking into the Nintendo-DS console and start “dating” her, experiencing all the twists and turns of a romantic relationship, including dates, quarrels, reconciliation, and jealousy. On the one hand, this is a great way to gain experience, on the other hand, such things can become a real trap, and it can be extremely difficult to come back to real life.


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