What every YouTuber needs



YouTube is by far one of the greatest and most popular online platforms. It’s a place where millions of people regularly share their video content and many make a living doing that. YouTube is home to a huge number of tutorials, promotional videos and similar, and it serves as an easy way to get your video to reach anyone in any part of the world. Maybe you want to make video content professionally and make that your day job, or perhaps you simply want to promote your business, but whatever the case is there are a couple of things, besides a great idea, you need in order to make a video.


Many YouTubers hire a professional video editor or a camera operator, spend hundreds of dollars on mics, stabilizers, and some even go as far as getting a 10×8 patio sun shade awning for the videos they make in their backyards. For a start, you don’t need all that. Often, YouTubers can get away with using their smartphones and webcams if the idea behind the video is good and useful.

Camera and camcorder


Of course, the main thing you need is a camera. As we said above, you don’t need to go crazy if you’re just starting, and anything that can record high-quality 1080p videos is good enough. A good webcam is sometimes enough, but if you wish to make amazing travel videos or similar, you might want to spend a bit more on a proper camera and maybe even a drone. In the last couple of years drones have become extremely popular and if you wish to keep up with the trends, a drone can be just the thing you need.
Camcorders are another thing almost every, long-term YouTuber has. They are lightweight, compact and affordable which is why they are so popular. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good, full HD camera.



Audio quality is often equally important as video quality which is why you need a good external microphone. You can choose between numerous different types of microphones such as USB microphones, condenser microphones, shotgun microphones and lapel microphones. Besides being affordable, USB microphones can have great sound quality and are quite versatile. Shotgun microphones are a popular choice among YouTubers with a small, professional camera. On the other hand, lapel mic can be a very discreet option since it can be easily clipped onto the clothes.


Tripods are affordable and necessary. You can, if you wish, invest a bit more in order to get a more stable and sturdier tripod.


Ring light

For anyone making beauty videos or similar types of videos where you’ll have a lot of close up shots, the ring light is highly recommended. You can always improvise with natural sunlight or lamps, but if you don’t want to always spend a lot of time looking for the perfect light for your video, consider getting one of these bad boys.

External hard drive

If you plan to make a lot of videos this is a necessity. You’ll have a backup in case something goes wrong with your computer and it gives you so much more space for all of your content.

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