The Most Important Questions About Google`s Stadia



Recently, it has been announced that Google will release its clouding gaming service called Stadia. We know that games will be streamed through Google servers, and on a player’s PC, it will be streamed by using Google Chrome. Also, we have information that is ensuring us that the games will have a high framerate, high definition, and a low latency video to other devices like phones and tablets.

However, the services will face some fierce challenges if it wants to compete against PC`s, smartphones, and consoles. There are some things about Stadia that are not clear. We will present you with the most important questions about Google`s Stadia, which will be launched in 2019.

Question #1: What Games Will Be Available on Stadia?

On the presentation that was held on the event, which was hosted by Google, we have seen Doom: Eternal, Assassin`s Creed: Odyssey, and some other games, running on Stadia. Other than that, people from Google said very little about details. So, we don’t have a full idea of what kind of games will be run on this system. However, they will need to have some kind of special attention. We will see.

Question #2: What About Video Games That You Are Already Owning?

Buying a game online, and playing it whenever you want is a big part of the process. Well, we still don’t know how this will be managed with Stadia. Google didn`t reveal any information about playing video games that you already own. But this is one of the most important questions for future consumers of the system. Some information is saying that there is an option of cross-platform play. Who knows?

Question #3: What About iOS Devices?

We all know that Apple and Google are business rivals in so many ways. Yet, it is clear that iPhone devices are targeted for somewhat a lucrative audience. When it comes to the Stadia and its compatibility with iOS devices, there is no information for now. Most likely, it will not have an option of appearing on using apple store. As we all know, Apple doesn`t approve of having some other store inside their own.

Question #4: How Much Stadia Will Cost?

The most important thing about Stadia is avoided by its developers, is how much will the system cost, or more specifically, what is the business model of this system. Will you subscribe for free? Will you have the option of playing demo versions? Will you have advisements before your eyes every ten minutes? There is no answers to these questions. We simply have no idea of knowing, yet.

Question #5: What is the Level of Image`s Quality?

As you probably know, the quality of today`s games graphics is exceptional. This technology has come so far, that you have the feeling like you are playing the game through your very eyes. Yes, it`s that good. Down to the smallest frame and detail, you can see how impressive they are. When it comes to graphics quality of Stadia`s games, we expect nothing short than it is on the other consoles, smartphones, or PC.

Question #6: Will People Really Game on the Go?

Mobile phone games are now, officially, the biggest part of the gaming industry. But, would people want to play a game such as Assassin`s Creed on their mobile phones? We think not. Mobile games have their purpose, they are there for their consumers to kill some time and entertain themselves in the process. Carrying a controller with you on a trip to play a game on a mobile phone? Not a good idea.

Question #7: How Will Multiplayer Work?

Over the years, multiplayer gaming became one of the biggest things in the whole industry. So, we are pretty sure that Stadia will offer the possibility of multiplayer. How that will work, that is the question we still don’t have an answer to. It would be a shame if Stadia would not have this option. For certain, it would lose so much.

Question #8: Can Viewers be Converted into Gamers?

How many times you have seen someone watching a video game on its mobile phone? Well, these people are watching the games often don’t want to play these games, but what if they do? So, is Stadia going to change this? Maybe. According to some information, this issue could be resolved by introducing something new into the world of gaming. That is joining a game that is streamed at the moment.

Question #9: Why Stadia?

Naming a brand is hard work. Coming up with something that is totally unique and interesting even sounds hard enough. What do Stadia mean? To be honest we don`t know. Certainly, it is more unique than naming it Arena or Colosseum, but we are not so sure that it is good enough. Maybe its full name will be Google Stadia. We will see what the future holds for it.

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