How Movies Affect The Fashion Industry



Hollywood movies have been with us for decades, and there are certain evergreen classics that will remain good no matter how much time passes. And a great thing about the Hollywood industry is that it provides movies in almost any given genre – whether you enjoy a love drama, action thriller, crime drama, comedy, or a horror, Hollywood has got you covered. Apart from the film industry one of the biggest out there is the fashion industry, and it is always changing. For the past few decades, fashion trends have been changing each and every year and one of the things constantly affecting is the film industry. Now, how do these two interconnect?

Well, on one hand, you have got the fashion industry affecting movies through costume designers usually having a high experience in fashion; on the other hand, the clothing trends in movies are later picked up by society and worn as a major trend. And that is what’s so fun about it – if you want to set up a certain fashion trend, let the leading role in an upcoming blockbuster wear it; believe us people will go all crazy over it. Marlon Brando and James Dean are a great example of how then actors were custom designer models as well. And indeed movies are a great way to showcase custom designs – Giorgio Armani and Michael Caine have picked up on that very soon after Hollywood started becoming a world-renowned thing, and that is what made the two brands so popular in the end.

How Has One TV Show Affected A World-Renowned Brand

Now, one of the best examples of a TV show affecting a custom design is the shirt that Louis Vitton came out with a few years ago. With a custom print of Stranger Things, it has become quite popular very soon after and is to this day worn as in a variety of clothing combinations. Movie merch does indeed cover a huge part of the fashion industry, and with people being interested in showing others they are a fan, custom print shirts, and other clothing items have become a lucrative business area.

Hollywood Movies And TV Shows That Have Largely Affected The Fashion Industry

Now, apart from the movie and show related merch that you can even find on great online stores like IFCHIC, there are more than a few examples on how certain fashion trends became popular after being showcased in a certain movie:

  1. Maybe the best examples were the big return of high-waisted trousers that was made through Joaquin Phoenix wearing ones in the movie A trend that was before popular mostly as a man clothing item very soon became something that women picked up on.


  1. Along with that, I think we all remember the heels Jessica Parker has worn in the world-famous TV show Se* and the City – yes we are talking about those $700 Gladiator Dior ones. Well, those become very popular as soon as they were first presented on a TV screen, and almost any women that had a few hundred bucks to spare had a pair.

  1. Last but not least, we can’t go on without mentioning the great style that John Travolta was rocking in Saturday’s Night Fever. Yes, we are talking about that white suit with a black collar. And along with that, the black leather jacket and white shirt combo from Grease had a man all over the shops, trying to look identical!


The fashion and film industry have been interconnected since the beginnings and there is no wonder why. So if you are a custom fashion designer our recommendation is to go ahead and try to showcase your work in an upcoming movie – it will pay off!



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