Top 5 Japanese Sci-fi Movies of All Time to Watch on a Date



When Hollywood gets boring and stale, or you have already watched every movie you love several times, we recommend paying attention to Japanese films. In many cases, they are much more honest and emotional than Western movies. Some films may seem naive and simple, but this is the attraction of Japanese cinema. Next to this simplicity, you will find quite gruesome scenes of violence and horror. The genre of Japanese futurism is extremely unique and cannot be replicated by someone else who is unfamiliar with Japanese culture. Therefore, today we present a list of the five best Japanese sci-fi films. Of course, as with any other list, it is worth considering that opinions are different, and your favorite movie may not be here at all. We all have our personal preferences, and the following five are our favorite ones.


The Clone Returns Home


This is a Japanese science fiction drama. The main character suffers from feelings of guilt for the death of his twin brother all his life, and when he himself dies in a space accident (after all, the main character is an astronaut), his brain transforms into a clone. Further, the feeling of guilt is gaining new dimensions, and the memories are becoming even more intrusive and vivid.


Big Man Japan


Here’s a sci-fi comedy that you should definitely check out. The main character has a whole collection of inherited superpowers, the main of which is a controlled increase in size. He applies it in cases, for example, when the government asks to defeat the monsters, which is the plot of the movie in this case.


Battle Royale


Forget all these Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and other movies about dividing society into castes and death games for teenagers. All of them are just pitiful compared to this masterpiece. The movie depicts a dark and brutal near future. The world is divided into several large totalitarian states. The Great East Asia, which also includes Japan, suffers from the economic crisis and outraged students who are boycotting their alma mater. Then the government launches a project in which guys are sent to an uninhabited island. Within three days, they have to kill each other. Only one survivor will get freedom. Battle Royale is stylish and resembles a computer game. And of course, like Appurushido

It’s a large-scale image of the future that is living according to the canons of ruthless ancient myths depicted through the eyes of Japanese animators. De dive into the far future. After the Great War, the only city on Earth that remained is Olympus. This blooming center of civilization is inhabited by people and bionicles – human clones, unable to hate, suffer and multiply. Peace and harmony between the two species are supported by laws which are made by the giant computer that controls the council of the elders. People who do not trust the elders are trying to seize the genetic formula that allows bionicles to have offspring (and, therefore, evolve and compete with humanity). The fate of the future race and Olympus itself is in the hands of the heiress of this “seed of contention,” the invincible warrior Diana – because of the girl’s trust, the war of races begins which is threatening to end the world once and for all.




A special agent is sent to Tokyo to find out if Japan is assembling robots that are dangerous for the human race… 2067’s Japan is secretly preparing for a new World War and improving its combat robotics. The special force team sent by the international community to see how far the research in this area has come is killed when they try to cross the border – only a girl agent was able to survive. Relying on the forces of local guerrillas, she decides to penetrate into the headquarters of the cybernetic corporation and prevent the impending catastrophe. The great design of this animated movie allows you to truly dive head first into the world that is depicted in it. This is a great experience and one that you should spend with the person you love.


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