Top 10 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time


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If you like to get scared and if you are running out of horror movies to watch, check out our list of top 10 scariest movies that will definitely get under your skin upon viewing them.

Silence Of The Lambs – Hannibal’s Escape

Silence Of The Lambs is probably one of the scariest films on this list, not for its sound or visual effects but for the idea of cannibalism that extends throughout the whole movie. Hearing about Hannibal Lecter’s deeds while he is locked up in a cell is one thing, but the moment when he manages to escape is very frightening.

It – Sewer


Well, any movie that involves clowns in it announces something terrifying. If you are scared of their appearance, imagine how you’d feel seeing a scene of a clown under the sewer jumping out and attacking you. The images only may leave you with nightmares.

Salem’s Lot – Window Ghost


Even though the movie came out around 40 years ago, and its sound and visual effects aren’t as strong and effective as the ones we have in modern films, rest assured that this one will give you some goosebumps. Just imagine a floating ghost-zombie child on your window surrounded by a fog, and you’ll get the picture.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface’s Face

This is yet another older release, however, you will hardly find a person who hasn’t seen it or at least heard of it. What is really unusual for scary movies is that we get to meet Leatherface during the day. Somehow, it makes the whole idea of the film even more terrifying.

Un Chien Andalou – Eyeball Cutting

Apart from being scary, before watching this one, you should know that it isn’t for everyone’s stomach. The movie went out in 1929, and it contains scenes that are rather repulsive and shocking, even today. One of the most famous scenes from the film is the one in which a man slices a wide open eye with a razor.

Rosemary’s Baby – Conception

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This movie is a combination of comedy and horror elements, which is quite unusual and probably difficult to achieve if you don’t want the film to turn into a parody. You will laugh while watching, for sure, however, the whole conception of the story in which a woman gets pregnant by a demon (and yet we don’t know if she is dreaming or if it’s really happening) is very creepy.

Eyes Without A Face – Surgery

Even the title of the movie is scary itself, let alone the storyline. The most famous scene from this film is the one in which the surgery takes place. It lasts for 6 minutes and it slowly and in great details shows how a surgeon removes a woman’s face. There are lots of people who fainted while watching it.

Zodiac – Basement

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It seems that people will never learn that the basements are by no means a place to go to, alone! Who says that horror movies aren’t educative?

The Exorcist – Head Spinning


You should see this film only if you are hard to scare, otherwise, you will most likely end up turning it off halfway through, if not earlier. The demon possessing a child who later takes over the whole house is not a pretty image to see, especially when the child starts spinning its head 360 degrees.

American Werewolf In London – Transformation

Although since Twilight people don’t have such negative feelings towards werewolves (and who would after seeing Taylor Lautner as one), you will definitely think twice after seeing this movie. The scenes of transformation are not easy to watch, because they are shown as a really painful process, difficult to keep you in front of your TV at moments.

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