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When the science-fiction movie “Enthiran” (“Robot”) in the Tamil language was shot at the beginning of the past decade – this movie has enjoyed great success all over the country and also abroad. Officials then hoped that this particular film would help further breakthrough “Kollywood” – the Tamil film industry. And indeed, so it was. The Tamil film industry has seen many successes during its existence. Tamil movies are certainly the most popular in the Tamil speaking area. However, their popularity is increasingly reaching beyond these borders. We will introduce you to some of the most popular Tamil films, and try to get you a little more familiar with this great movie production.

What Is Kollywood And How Much Profit Does It Gain?

After Hollywood and Bollywood, we also have Kollywood. It is a Tamil film industry that is not negligible in its size and the number of movies they release annually. Also, the profits generated by Kollywood are not at all insignificant. This production got its name after the southern district of India called Kodambakkam. That is the exact place where the film studios are located. The Tamil filming industry has a major goal ahead – to experience the same success as Bollywood – a Mumbai-based Hindu film industry. A total of $ 35 million has been set aside to shoot the aforementioned movie Endhiran. The latest technology has been used in filming, and the actors in the film are big and famous stars in the industry. Interestingly, the distributors themselves are rubbing their hands with pleasure as their films achieve great success with the audience. The Eros International distribution company says that this was their most profitable film since it only earned a record $ 13.8 million in its first week of screening at the box office, including $ 4.4 million in the US.

How Many Movies Annually Are Filmed In Kollywood?

According to the 2009 Federal Bureau of Commerce and Industry, Kollywood is making about 150 movies a year – bringing in $ 170 million in revenue. Even so – few people outside of southern India know about Kollywood, the films being made there and the actors who are so popular, that even temples are built in their name. About 90% of Tamil films are only intended for the domestic market. But since their films often feature well-known actors like Rajinikanth and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai, they hope in Kollywood that some of their movies will achieve worldwide success.

Best Tamil Movies

Although most people outside the Tamil speaking area are less familiar with this cinema – that, by no means is a less rich treasure trove of good films. Perhaps for most people, especially from Europe and America, this movie genre might seem a bit strange. However, the critics very often consider it a real gem that a wider audience is sometimes unable to understand. The Tamil movie stories are very often entangled with their culture and ancient civilizations – as well as the mysteries of Southern Asia. Certainly, as with Bollywood movies – every Tamil film is accompanied by a good soundtrack.

Music here is also an inseparable part of the film, which will give you an extra atmosphere and trigger your feelings. That is why Tamil music has gained a lot of popularity in this area, and according to Masstamilan, songs that marked certain films – are most often downloaded from the internet. We will present to you some of the best Tamil movies of our choice.

1. Kaaka Muttai

This movie story does not have a complicated plot, but it certainly has a psychological weight. Dealing with the theme of social polarisation, this film will leave a slightly bitter taste for anyone who takes what they have in their lives for granted. The story is about two boys whose only desire is to try pizza. Perhaps it would have been ridiculous if the film had not been presented through a completely different prism of class society. It is this factor that will make every viewer think twice before the next bite. An extraordinary movie depicting the innocence of children and the plight of the class society. It will undoubtedly impress anyone who looks at it.

2.  Anbe Sivam

The accidental encounter will trigger one extremely unusual friendship between two totally different men. This movie is exploring the differences, contrasts, and extremes that those two friends present. This film can fit into classics that deal with some very serious topics like the systems of socialism and capitalism. Also, the film touched upon the concepts of infidelity, altruism, rebellion, and compassion. Actor Kamal Haasan proved on this occasion that he rightly bears the epitome of one of the most respected actors in India, and this was one of his best acting roles.

3.  Kadhal

Another story that has some class divisions at its focus, but also a love story that won’t leave you indifferent. The film is about a girl from a wealthy family who falls in love with a poor mechanic. It is not easily achievable love because the girl’s family is rebelling against it – and their love failed on the test. A love story that may not have a happy ending – but very realistically tells about the state of affairs among the classes and how these relationships are conveyed to matters of the heart, that is, love.

4.  Aruvi

We all know that India, like many other countries, is still very traditional and even very conservative. However, this doesn’t mean that some things don’t have the need to be heard or should be considered taboo. In this sense, the film Aruvi has broken down all the taboos dealing with the topic of investigating se’ual violence against women. Aruvi is the protagonist of the movie, a girl whose life was not much inclined. Her story will touch the heart of every woman and hopefully awaken the conscience of society to respond to such violent occurrences.

5. Visaranai

This movie is certainly not for those who are hypersensitive. The film describes prisoners forced to accept the cruelty and grave brutality of the police in a world dominated by corruption and injustice. The violence portrayed in the film has completely shed new light on some of the phenomena in society and the dark side of the police system. Yet, despite the violence it abounds – a warm love story runs through the film.

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