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2019 most popular models: cat eyes

Narrow and small glasses headed by kitten eyes appeared on the show floor of major brands this year.

Unlike the big sunglasses of previous years, small thin sunglasses have a magical futuristic retro style that is becoming popular recently.

After the major brands have led this trend, domestic and foreign stars have also kept up with this popular trend, cute thin sunglasses are back in the limelight.

These types of thin sunglasses look great on all type of people, and perfect for all types of style.

Colored transparent sunglasses

In addition to black, these thin sunglasses also come in various stylish colors

If black sunglasses are to cool and to intense, there are many varieties of fun and cute colors for you to choose.

In addition to the ordinary style, there is also this kind of plus glasses chain, hanging on the neck that is unique and also makes sure you won’t lose them.

Aviator sunglasses

The birth of the US Air Force needs a pair of cool and reliable sunglasses that their pilots can use for any conditions.

In order to solve this problem, glasses manufacturers have produced glasses that can effectively block strong sunlight and protect the eyes, so that the pilot can maintain a clear view during flight.

If you plan to go to the hot, sun-drenched country this summer, don’t miss these fashionable and functional aviator sunglasses.

Polygonal sunglasses

Polygonal sunglasses are also one of the all-time favorite items for stars and models in recent years.

This pair of sunglasses was designed by Hong Kong-based designer Percy Lau. The inspiration comes from “The Matrix”. From the front the frame is so small it looks like the lenses are floating . In fact, this is a pair of sunglasses with double lens design.

Percy Lau is a genius with many whimsical and bizarre sunglasses designs.

This design is very strong with irregular polygon sunglasses, although it looks cool and individual, it might be a little too much for everyday use.

Therefore, in daily life, it is better to choose relatively conservative polygon sunglasses.

Heart-shaped sunglasses

Heart-shaped sunglasses are very common in the movies of the 1990s, and the heroine in the movie wears a heart-shaped sunglasses to show her love.

Although the heart-shaped sunglasses at the time seemed to have a strong sense of cheap plastic, the style stands the test of time and still looks great today.


In addition to the plastic frame and the metal frame, the heart-shaped sunglasses can be chosen according to their own preferences.

The plastic frame has a 90’s style, and the metal frame is more fashionable, but both are very beautiful.

Cat eye sunglasses

Although the cat eye is the mainstream this year, the popularity of traditional, retro cat-eye sunglasses in the sunglasses market is still very high.

The two protagonists in “The End of the Road” made a self-portrait into a classic, and Susan Sarandon’s cat-eye sunglasses + headscarf became a classic.

Cat eye sunglasses can have such high popularity, and it is also inseparable from its versatile advantages.

Almost any face type can perfectly fit the cat’s eye sunglasses. If the fairies don’t know which sunglasses are right for them, choose cat’s eye sunglasses.

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