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Trading is not only a source of a very solid income, but also a kind of world, which has gone through ups and downs during its formation. The trading world has formed its own culture, and it is somewhat polarized: many people value only money and success achieved at any price, and others, on the contrary, turn to moral values, having realized that everything has its own price.

The trading world is full of overwhelming stories, which became a basis for numerous books and movies. In this article, we have collected the best trading films for you. These great movies can convey emotions that every trader has. This TOP 5 rating was brought to you by finmax – one of the best binary options traders.

1. “Wall Street”


This wonderful movie  of 1987 starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen takes the first place in this list. The film tells the story of a young broker, Bud Fox, who wants to get rich and successful. His destiny brings him together with a real stockbroker shark, Gordon Gekko, who leads Bud into the closed world of trading and big money. However, Gekko also decides to split up and sell the company where Bud’s father works. The film tells the story about tough life choices.

2. “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”


The sequel to the 2010 Wall Street movies and again with the wonderful Michael Douglas, who brilliantly played Gordon Gekko. In the new movie, he appears in the role of a father, who served a sentence in prison and wants to establish a relationship with his daughter, who blames him for his brother’s death. His daughter’s boyfriend Jacob Moore who is a successful trader, concludes a deal with Gekko. The terms of the deal are simple: Jacob has to help to establish great relationships in the family, and in return asks Gekko to teach him the subtleties of the stock exchange. Naturally, Moore becomes an easy bait for Gordon. But soon Gekko learns that his daughter is pregnant – and the shark of the exchange world understands the insignificance of his actions in the face of new life. Probably one of the most memorable episodes of the movie is the moment when Gekko compares the child’s cardiogram and exchange chart… and makes the right choice.

3. “The Wolf of Wall Street”


The Wolf of Wall Street” is a movie released in 2013 where Leonardo DiCaprio plays a young broker who decided to open his own company and successfully made millions of dollars selling cheap stocks to large customers. This movie takes third place in this list, largely because it created a lot of publicity in the stock exchange environment. The stockbrokers themselves were divided into two groups: those who were literally sick of the picture from its first minutes and those who were in admiration for DiCaprio’s character.

The picture abounds with the image of the “dark side” of big fast money. However, in some cases, the protagonist showed ingenuity.

4. “The Pursuit of Happyness”


This wonderful movie was released in 2006 and takes the fourth place in this rating. Will Smith played a single father Chris Gardner, who is raising a five-year-old son. Working as a salesman, Chris was unable to pay for housing and ended up on the streets, but eventually fate helped him find a job as a specialist in broker company. The picture perfectly shows the durability and determination of the main character, because these are the qualities that are necessary not only for any trader, but for any person.

5. “Quicksilver”


This movie tells the story of Jack Casey – a young man who settled in one of the companies on Wall Street. Jack first earns capital, but after a series of failures loses not only his own money, but also his father’s money. However, the winner is not the one who does not fall, but the one who rises. Many famous traders lost money, but then they analyzed their mistakes and climbed to the “trader’s Olympus”. This is what the film “Quicksilver” tells about.

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