The Best Tamil Film Songs



Tamil music is so popular in India that a huge part of it is highly integrated into the movie industry. With popular artists such as AR Rahman, and new ones such as Anirudh making their name on the scene, Tamil songs are frequently hitting the movie screens and are becoming huge hits.

So without further ado, here are the best X Tamil film songs.

1. Aalaporaan Thamizhan


This song is very popular in the film industry. Aalaporaan Thamizhan is possibly the best hero entry song that has ever been produced for the big screens. The song is by the mega-popular Tamil song artist AR Rahman, and it is one of his best tracks of the year. The song strongly emphasizes the importance of Tamil culture in the film industry, and it is a song that will stick around for quite some time.

2. Yavyana

A frequent hit on radio stations, Yavyana is an out-and-out romantic hit with a prominent drum and guitar solo. The song is by Simon K King and his mellifluous voice gives the song a soul. The song gives a perfect entrance to any Bollywood romantic movie and the acting of Yazin Nazar further enhances that. The lyrics are amazing and there have been made multiple versions of the song over the years.

3. Iraiva


According to isaimini, the film in which Iraiva is played hasn’t even gotten out yet, but the song is a massive hit both online and on radio stations. The song is the second track used by the makers of Velaikkaran, which popular duo Nayanthara and Sivakarthekyan play the two main roles of the film. Following the success of their first movie, the duo comes back for a sequel and they are taking the popular song with them once again.

4. Maruvarthai

Maruvarthai has more than 40 million views already. The song by Enai Noki Paayum Thota has created a massive boom in the Tamil film-song industry. The director of the film, Gautham Vasudev Menon, announced that the song will be the main track of his film. The author of the song is unknown, after two previous tracks of the same album came out under the name X, leaving the rest of the public guessing his identity. However, the director of the film revealed that the author of this song is Darbuka Siva. The song goes perfectly with the two main roles, Dhanush and Megha Akash, and the singer, Sid Siriran, perfectly sings the connection between them.

5. Thalai Viduthalai

This song is a real inspirational one and one that Tamil film-song lovers will never forget. This song debuted in the film Vivegam, at a point where the main actor, Ajith, is doing some serious and dangerous stunts. The movie, a spy thriller, goes perfectly with the fast-paced rhythm of the movie. The singer of the song, Anirudh Ravichandcer, and Harish Swaminathan, couldn’t do a better job. Anirudth has also composed the entire music for the film, composing of 16 tracks. His album, Surviva, is a power-packed, high-voltage, number 1 hit that many Tamil film-song lovers will never forget.

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